Where’s That Next TYLER Novel?


Hey folk. Somewhere around this site I wrote that we hoped to make a new Tyler paperback and e-book available every month. Well, you may have noticed that May has sped by with nary a new book in any format.

I admit: last month was a bitch (or a bastard, depending on your political correctness). Your free updates were maintained, but neither the paperback of Damsel 2, nor the  new release, Expelled, was anywhere to be seen. With any luck, these delays are now behind us (for the moment), and our release schedule can get back on track. In fact, to make up for the loss of momentum, we’ll try to get the next two releases up and running by the end of June.

Of course we have no excuses for these oversights, just reasons: like two white slavery procurers (code-named Candyman and Beachcomber) going rogue, and a new, four-step, White Slavery Network gag being instituted industry-wide … one that incorporates a recently perfected liquid that combines a sedative with an aphrodisiac.

But I’ll let you know more details about all of that ASAP. Keep your eyes on the Library and the Attic….

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