TYLER NOVELS: SOB Brings New Thrills & Mpghhs!

SOBCoverThe renegade ex-white slaver known only as Tyler made a mistake. Although he rescued the magnificent Kate Lipton from "The Damsel Saga," he let some of her persecutors escape. One of them became obsessed with slasher movies, but hated that the beautiful victims always got killed. He unknowingly agreed with Tyler on that: "what a terrible waste of young, vital, sexy, beauty." What would happen, he wondered, if those flicks were remade ... only with all the pretty girls silenced, secured, and secreted instead of slaughtered? To Tyler's everlasting regret -- as well as a blonde film lover, a brunette camp counselor, an auburn-haired babysitter, an Asian schoolgirl, and more -- this perverted young man decided to find out...!

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It's my newest TYLER novel - on sale NOW. Here's a preview: 

He glanced over to where Brianne sat on the metal-frame gynecological chair, her ankles, thighs, waist, wrists, and elbows pull-tied to it. Even her tits were pull-tied around their bases, bulging the balls up to purple, ready-to-pop status. Over her nose and mouth was a professional medical strap-on anesthetic mask, designed to keep a sedative-soaked pad tight across a patient’s nostrils and mouth. Her blue eyes were wide, unfocused, and vibrating uncontrollably.

“I mean, I wanted Brianne to see what that kind of thing actually feels like,” he explained to his burgundy-haired victim as he fucked her. “You get that, don’t you?” He didn’t bother looking at her aghast face as he smilingly toyed with her creamy white tits.
“Wait a minute,” he blurted and suddenly vaulted off her to sit on the edge of the bed, next to where Haley lay in a plaid tartan zip-up top, pleaded skirt, red leggings, panel gag, and pull-ties. “All right now, double d,” he said, grabbing a fistful of her hair and rolling her down, back-first, to the carpet.
He tore open her shirt, sat on her stomach and bunched her beautiful, sun-browned breasts around his penis – already damp from Sara’s excretions. He looked away from her despairing, agitated face to where Miwa half-sat, half-lay, propped up at the end of the bed, her slumping head next to Sara’s left foot. The panel gag all but adhered to her lower face and the white dress’ brutal bodice made her squishy tits look like exploded boiled eggs.

“I mean, how could I not?” he wondered aloud. “You know, she makes me want to scooch this all up a notch, you know? I mean she’s the one taken nearest here. It could all end anytime, so why not, you know…?”
When he looked back, both Sara and Haley were staring at him in consummate dread.
“Now, girls,” he laughed, slapping Haley’s tit, making her cringe and groan. “You know what I mean. I mean, sure the pull-ties do a great job. They don’t break, they don’t loosen, but when I look at her….” He stared back at Miwa’s troubled, semi-conscious face. “…I see ropes, you know, and tape, and different outfits, and shit like that.” He looked down at Haley who stared back in anguish as he pounded her tits around his cock. “What d’ya think?” Her head craned back as she moaned. 


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