TYLER NOVELS: She Is Forced To Become One Of The PREYMATES

prey_mates_coverThe evil siblings who stalked, snatched, silenced, stilled, secreted, and oppressed the innocent victims in Playthings and Playthings II are back, but so is their hunter -- the ex-white slaver only known as Tyler -- with a vengeance. But can even he, and his team of ex-procurers, ex-processors, and even ex-damsels in distress, stop the perverted privateers before they turn a beautiful blonde starlet, a sensual brunette Earth mother, and an extraordinary ice princess into their personal, private, imprisoned Prey Mates?

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Her mouth was completely, utterly packed with something soft but hardly yielding, like drying cement. Her lips were mashed back and sealed together with a brick of some sort of plaster. And over her mouth and nose pressed a dark heavy cloth, which affixed around her head like a foreskin—unconcerned with the rise of her crushed nose or mashed lips.
She tried to speak, only to choke again, even the noise of her strangulation trapped behind the curtain tied about her skull. Because that wasn't the worst of it. Around her throat was a simple yet extraordinarily tight black choker, holding what seemed to be a single coin-shaped piece of metal tight against her larynx.

She could hardly breathe, and any attempt to talk was both cut off and threatened her life.

She couldn't stop her muscles from responding...trying to free her neck and face. Her arms jerked in place uselessly high up her back, her long, elegant fingers fluttering. Her wrists were tied to their opposite forearms; her elbows were tied behind her and to her torso with 22 inches of breathtakingly tight rope which circled her normally twenty-three inch waist.

She tried to shift in her chair, only to realize it wasn't her chair anymore.

She blinked.

The skirt of the dress was up. The lace floral panties were gone. She was on his sweat-suited lap...nailed there by something big and tall and hard that was between her thighs and inside her....

She tried to launch herself off him...tried to dive off the balcony...tried to propel herself forward to crash into the audience now so far below....

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