Tyler Novels: School Is Bound & Out In THE TRUANT

TruantCoverIt's not enough that the renegade white slaver known as Tyler has to deal with procurers from the White Slavery Network, but in this modern age of mercenary media, he also has to deal with the depraved monsters he has labeled "Privateers" -- those psycho kidnappers who stalk, snatch, and secret innocent beauties for their own perverted pleasure. This time a monstrous mother decides to abduct her own best friend's daughter to salve the lusts of her three sick sons -- each who obsess on a different part of their red-headed captive. That's bad enough, but when a lovely brunette teacher's aide comes looking for the missing girl, and the maniacal mom decides to find a blonde to make sure all her off-spring have a victim of their very own, Tyler must move quickly, before the trio of sweet young women disappear for good.

TRUANT is the latest novel featuring TYLER and written by the legendary Geoff Merrick. You can download your copy to ready instantly here - but first, a tease?

Her elbows were lashed behind her, too, with her wrists also fixed firmly to the bottom of the driver’s seat with padded handcuffs. But these were nothing compared to the even more heightened gag. Drake didn’t want the girl escaping, but she didn’t want anyone to hear her either.

To insure that, Melissa’s already prodigious gag was “enhanced” with a thick rubber band that went over her head and under her chin that was secured with bandage that went around her eyes, around her mouth, and around her throat as well. Finally, yet another stretchy, form fitting cloth went over her lower head, knotted at the back of her neck. Except for her smooth, sleek forehead, and some red hair that poked out, Melissa Harrison was sealed.

The effect was staggeringly potent: a redhead covered only by a skin-tight, shredded, sweat-sticky t-shirt, and the shortest of dirty, pleated skirts squirming in sexual impalement while a layered leech blinded her vision and strangled her voice. Even so, her wonderful body never stopped moving: her luscious legs twisting and her incredible breasts bulging, jiggling, and heaving.
“Hey babe,” said Gail Drake. “How you doing?” And then the witch’s hands were grabbing her tits like a quarterback planning a touchdown throw to win the game.
Missy screamed in anguish, but even she didn’t hear the result.
“Aw, shut up,” the witch said lightly. “Or I’ll really give you something to cry about.”

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