TYLER NOVELS: PREY MATES II The Abductions Continue

preymatesiicoverThe ex-white slaver known only as Tyler has been chasing two sick siblings as they stalk, snatch, silence, restrain, secret, and subjugate scores of beautiful young women who made one simple mistake -- auditioning for a once-famed, now fading, publishing empire. The tale of twisted terror finally climaxes in what has become known as the Plaything and Prey Mates saga, as a stunningly pretty Amerasian struggles to escape her evil heritage, and an gorgeously innocent Scandinavian au pair runs afoul of an entire perverted family.

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Inside, Kristine Holland stood against the far wall. All she wore was a tight, pink, fuzzy, short-sleeved sweater which buttoned up to mid-chest, and a pair of high cut pink cotton panties.
Perhaps "stood" is not the accurate word. Her toes were splayed beneath her pointed feet, gripping a soccer ball for all she was worth, her body moving wretchedly against the cinder block wall as she tried to maintain her balance––her arms wrenched high up her back and tied with thin black tape and electrical cord.
She didn't have to worry as much about keeping her legs together. White electrical cord tied her knees five times around, and black tape affixed her thighs just above them.
Her head was down, her mouth pried open to its widest aperture by a huge ball of cloth wedged behind her lips and teeth, held in by a cruelly tight band of thick rubber-coated wire, which went down to circle her throat while also going up to affix around an overhead pipe in an eight-banded noose knot.
Winnie looked proudly up at her handiwork, then down to make sure the butcher knife she had gotten from the kitchen was still where she left it on the plastic toy chest nearby. "Boys," she said, "Come in and close the door behind you. Timmy? Lock it.”

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