product_thumbnailThe pretty girl of a madman's dreams, repressed heiress, adorable teacher, and overripe dancer who became the innocent victims of a pair of sibling assassins bent on revenge are still in perverted clutches. Only now the evil brother and sister have their eyes targeted on a sexy sprite of a redhead, as well as the ultimate soulful girl next door. Can the ex-white slaver known only as Tyler save these new captives before they are turned from sweet, vital, exceptional women into ... Playthings II?

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Inside, Tegan's eyes widened regularly, her face cheeks getting redder and bulging, ever time the man behind her squeezed her tits. She screamed in wonder, rage, and fear, but had horribly heard nothing. Something was over and in her mouth. Something big, soft, and barely yielding. Something that filled that orifice, pushed down her tongue, and pressed up on her lips.
She looked down. She no longer had a bottom part of her face. It was completely covered in what looked and felt like brown leather. But there was a band of yellow-white sponge between that and her skin. It stretched across on either side of her face, and there was a final, clinging band which held onto the bridge of her nose.
Tegan tried to tear it off, but her arms were behind her, linked together from the mid-upper arm down. Both arms were in a single, long, rubberized glove which was tightly zippered, and to make that even tighter, laced. It ended at her shoulders with straps that went around her shoulders, crossing at the top of her bulging chest, and buckled at her shoulder blades. It ended at her fingers in a single mitten with a strap hanging down from it.
She was kneeling, her shoes still on, her ankles crossed and bound, her knees pulled wide and strapped to the base of the opposite shelves. Still, the man held her down, in that kneeling position, his hands around her big boobs, his mouth all over her ears and neck.
“You hear that?” he hissed. “That's your flight leaving. Everyone thinks you’re on it. Everyone thinks you'll be gone for days … weeks … months even. They'll never know you’re missing.”

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