Damsel2aIn case you missed the post, DAMSEL 2 (my third reworked TYLER novel) is out and set up for instant download. And just to get you in the mood, here's a brief sneak peek:

Kate Lipton moved another painful, agonizing inch across the carpeted floor toward the shuttered window.

Outside, the sun was high in the sky, and the sounds of pedestrians and vehicles filled the room. Inside, a stunning thirty-six double-d, twenty-two, thirty-three inch beauty lay on the floor in a low-cut, micromini black lace dress, matching thigh-high stockings, and wicked five inch black high heel pumps – her mouth stuffed and her body lashed.

The Consulate General had her dressed like this after he had finished with her that morning. She had regained consciousness after a night of assault, but still her only thought was escape. She had always wanted to, and now she had to…after what she had seen and heard happening to her sister.

The morning was a blur as the CG wrapped up his celebration on her captive body. She couldn’t remember how many times he had violated her, because all she was trying to do was recover from the hours of forced anesthesia and figure a way out of this room … even when the CG was sitting on her stomach as she lay strapped to the bed, his cock between her firm mounds. The only time her concentration was broken was when his cum splattered her face.

She looked up with hate at his smiling, smug, face. “Thanks, darling,” he said, “for a wonderful honeymoon. See you tonight.”

And, with that, he dismounted her and motioned at the couple as he swept out the secret bookcase door. Kate couldn’t avoid a muffled scream behind the plaster bandage gag as they fell on her.

They treated her like an unwanted pet or a farm animal they begrudgingly tended. There was no desire in their captivity of her. In fact, by their brusque actions and disapproving faces, they abhorred her. They were like the policeofficer she had almost alerted all that time ago. To them, she seemed to represent all arrogant, ignorant, entitled, Western women. They had no idea she was an innocent victim. Just by the shape of her face and body, they acted as if she deserved this.

After a swipe of the moistened hanky under her nose, the woman stuffed Kate’s mouth with a wad of lime-colored shammy, then wrapped it in with black, one-inch wide, elastic strips that were part rubber band and part tape. She wrapped it between Kate’s lips, around her head, under her chin, over her head, diagonally across her cheeks, and across her forehead – creating an elastic gag harness.

The man tended her body. Her elbows and wrists were tied side by side. The ropes from her elbows wound under and over her breasts. More ropes encircled her lower arms and waist. Then her ankles were tied to her thighs and her shoes affixed to her ankles. The couple loomed over her to check their handiwork. Then the woman leaned down and used the black elastic to tape Kate’s fingers together.

Returning to her husband’s side, she punched the girl in the left tit. The muffled, distant sound of surprise and pain Kate made was apparently what the woman was after. The couple nodded with satisfaction at the low volume of the cry, and left Kate there while they had breakfast.

Kate had spent meal-time getting off the bed. After the training and abuse she had experienced in the palace, a night of assault wasn’t going to slow her down. First she laid herself face“down in the bedclothes, and lowered her bent legs off the side of the mattress. When her knees touched the floor, she carefully jerked herself down until she sat on her haunches in a frog tie. Then she carefully lowered her body, with a minimum of sound, until she lay on her side on the carpet. Then it was inch-worm time.Sweating, drooling, breathing heavily. Kate made her excruciatingly slow, aching, way to the wall un“der the window. The low-cut, black lace, micromini was now just more glowing, shining flesh on her extraordinary body, and the shammy in her mouth squished every time her jaw moved.

The top of her head touched the wall, and she collapsed there, gasping. But one flash of her sister’s traumatized face in her mind’s eye reenergized her. Using her neck, shoulders, and legs, she began to inch her head up the wall millimeter by agonizing millimeter. She finally made it back to her haunches, and found that her eyes were level with the lowest slat of the window shutters. If a fly was watching, it would have seen extraordinary lavender-jade eyes illuminated by dusty outside light.

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