Creasey1Creasey2Creasey3If you ever found yourself in the local library, searching the fiction section for books that had scenes of bound and gagged women, I bet you ran across some of the work of John Creasey. Creasey was an  English crime and science fiction writer who wrote more than six hundred novels using almost thirty different pseudonyms, all attached to characters like The Toff, Commander George Gideon of Scotland Yard, Inspector Roger West, The Baron, and Doctor Stanislaus Alexander Palfrey.

His material also made it to movies and TV, particularly a 60's series based on his character, THE BARON. 

Baron3Baron2Baron1PlayIn an episode called "The Maze", Judy Arthy finds her self trussed and gagged, but cleverly manages to get free, only to be caught again in time to be saved by the hero.

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