THE LIBRARY: Tying The Knot Part 9

Knot9TYING THE KNOT Part 9 {Continued From Here}

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Steve. We thank them for letting us share it with you here}


The school nurse sexually abused Jenny on the floor as the man watched from the sofa. She sucked on a tit while pushing a huge vibrator in and out of the bound and gagged girl's vagina over and over.

Jenny's hobbled legs flailed weakly, her red high heels hitting the floor, as lighting bolts of torment surged through her.

The dental gag was off and the prod gag was back on. The man admired how it seemed pasted to her face. "Every mouth is different," he mused. “Yours...with your shapely lips and smooth cheeks, is perfectly designed for an over-the-mouth plaque gag. It seems to adhere to your very skull."

Jenny wailed in amazement at this lecture, then squealed as the mean girl hit another nerve with her suckling and probing.

"See?" said the man with satisfaction. "Could hardly hear a thing."

The mean girl took a moment to grin wickedly up at the man before returning to her lubrications.

Tina was bound on a "hotel bed" in another cellar room, her arms behind her, her wrists crossed, her knees bent, her ankles tied to her thighs.

Her pleated plaid miniskirt was pushed to her waist and her black, ribbed turtleneck was torn open at the tits. Her virginal bra was yanked down and her panties were sealed in her mouth behind a wide, thick cloth gag between her teeth.

The highest bidder had dragged her into this new room, his hand crushing her breast through the bra and turtleneck while grabbing at her crotch. He had thrown her to the bed, crying that she had to be taught a lesson. Then he had tied her white lace-socked ankles and black high-heeled feet to her thighs and made her sit on his erection and his hips while he lay under her on his back—his hands up her skirt and pushing down on her hips.

After he ejaculated that time, he had pushed her down on her own back, tore open her sweater and removed her mauled tits from the new bra. Now he was raping her again as she lay crying under him.

"I hope this teaches you," he grunted as he thrust into her helpless form again, "not to hitchhike by yourself from school!" Then he lay both his hands on her jiggling breasts and started to exclaim as her moist, warm inner muscles deep-massaged his cock in earnest...

Jenny was in the bathroom, lying in the tub, under the shower. She was still gagged, arms still bound, but naked while the man raped her again and again.

The school nurse just stood over them, making sure Jenny couldn't wriggle away or remove the prod from her mouth. And she admired the ex-virgin’s sleek, wet form as the vice principal came again with a satisfied call....

The highest bidder was sitting watching television —schoolgirl Tina tape bound, red ball gagged, and anchored on his lap (and his erection) by his hands gripping her exposed tits like pulpy handles—when Jonas got there.

But all the husband did was stand in the doorway of the room set with a grin on his face. "Good?" he said.

"Excellent!" the bidder exclaimed after a second of surprise. "It was incredible... I never thought anyone could be as gullible as you said, but...!

"But you're a believer now, eh?" The hubby motioned toward the pleated skirt just covering his wife's firm, milky loins. "Naked under there?"

"Of course."

"Nailed?" he inquired pleasantly.

"At the moment."

Jonas nodded as Tina looked away, her body wracked in horror and shame, her face reddening and warming even more. The bidder gripped her hanging breasts even tighter.

"Fine," Jonas finally replied. "Cream her up good, then strap her down in the 'doctor's office.' I'm set for the night." He turned to go to bed... alone...when he suddenly turned back to the highest bidder. "And, hey, thanks for tonight."

The rapist was taken aback for a moment, then retorted "Thank you."

Jonas turned to go again, then thought better of it a second time. "And hey," he added, "don't be such a stranger. You never know when a buxom nurse or stewardess or cheerleader might need a little reaming...."

Tina screeched and tried to surge up off the impalement, but the bidder rode her like a pony. He held onto her tits, embracing her tightly, surged up with her, then dragged her back onto the couch again—his cock never leaving her cunt.

"Call me any time!" he exclaimed as Jonas left without a backward glance. “My money’s good.” Then the highest bidder pushed the bound, gagged, humiliated, incredibly shapely schoolgirl down face-first onto the cushions and started eagerly rutting, ironically, her firm naked ass, doggy style.

The vice principal yawned and stretched after closing the door of the apartment. It had been quite a night. They had left the multiply banged Jenny as per instructions. He had dropped off the school nurse, and returned to his place, enjoying his memories, as a dumpy figure appeared from the shadows to calmly and quickly unlock the door. A second later the apartment door was closed again, as if it had never opened.

Inside Jenny lay where they left her, on the carpet by the bed, her arms twisted and tied high up her back, her knees cinched, and her crossed ankles tied to the heavy, right-rear bed leg. Her mouth was crammed with a big blue ballgag, her lower face encircled with thick adhesive bandage.

Her once luminous grey eyes were dull and fluttering from the repeated assaults, but her body, encased in a skin-tight, day-glo, low cut aqua microminidress and ankle-strap five-inch high heels, wouldn’t quit. The dumpy figure made a “tsk-tsk” noise and kneeled down, bringing the smelling salts to the pretty brunette’s flaring nostrils.

“There there, dear,” said Jonas’ mother, a soothing hand patting Jenny’s shapely shoulder. “You’re no longer a virgin, but don’t worry. You still have value … millions worth.” Jenny started crying, uselessly trying to escape or fight, as Jonas’ mother prepared her for transport.

Mandi lay semi-conscious, spread-eagled across Jonas’ bedding, her wrists and ankles strapped to the head and baseboard.  Inside her inviting, ample mouth was the biggest red ball-gag anyone had ever seen fitted inside a female's oral cavity. Below her distended jaw, she was dressed as a ravaged ballerina.

There was a hole torn open over her crotch and two more ripped over her breasts. The erect, tingling nipples had tit clamps on them, with wires that ran to the wall on either side of the bed and plugged into wall sockets.

The way her lovely body moved like a wave, Jonas guessed that shocks were surging into her every other second. Then, inside her beaver, was a huge curved dildo. By the way her hips moved and the hum he could finally hear, Tina’s hubby knew that it, too, was activated.

The man smiled in recognition and appreciation. As he watched, her eyelids started to flicker. Things were obviously coming to a climax here, and he didn't want to miss it. Mandi had unwillingly orgasmed three times before the wedding party arrived to report.


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