THE LIBRARY: Tying The Knot Part 8

Knot8TYING THE KNOT Part 8 {Continued From Here}

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Steve. We thank them for letting us share it with you here} Bannergroc01

She screamed as he tossed the girl onto her back and leaped between her kicking legs. Then his hands were there again, tearing her shirt off completely, while wedging his pelvis against hers. She cried and twisted and mewled, but then his weight was crushing her, his hands were in her hair, and his mouth slobbering.

"Don't worry, dear," he whispered hoarsely. "Just once...we'll do this just once... whoever finds you will think the industrial spy did it...."

What the hell was he talking about? But then it was too late for Tina to think because his cock was out and looking for an opening. Suddenly his hands spasmed across her monumental tits and he nailed her to the floor. One of her knees went up and her other leg stretched as far as it would go as his log moved inexorably up her vaginal canal.

Her fingers clawed the air from beside and behind her hip as he suddenly yanked down her bra and did the start of a push-up off her chest.

The bidder moaned with delight and started fucking Tina in earnest, and the now ex-virgin just had to lie there and take it.

Jenny still couldn't believe it. She was lying sideways on her four-poster bed, her legs tied wide to the front and back right side uprights.

Her head was lulling down over the other side of the narrow mattress, her mouth as far open as it could possibly go. Her arms were tied tightly beneath her and the red latex still adhered to her as if it was painted on...for all the protection it afforded her.

The dental mouth widener was secured to her skull, wedged beneath her upper and lower teeth, as the man stood on her long hair, emptying his cock down her throat like she was some sort of semen urinal.

He had invited over the school nurse, who was happily busy on the other side, playing with Jenny's exposed beaver.

There had been the dildo, then her entire hand, then a bottle, then her tongue, and now the dildo again.

"C'mon tiger," the thin, mean woman at Jenny's cunt said. "She’s still a virgin, all right. I think she finally needs the real thing."

"Almost ready," the man replied, jerking his cock over her widened mouth a last time. Then he moved happily over to her wonderfully long, bound, legs.


They carried a groggy Mandi to the car. She was wearing a deep-v-necked, red-black lycra minidress and black ankle-strap high-heels.

The huge gag was still wedged in her mouth, but her lower face was swathed in dark blue duct tape. One man carried her by her bound arms while another rutted away in her ass while carrying her untied (but very tired) legs on either side of his hips. The others ran to the vehicle in the night, opening the doors and readying the inside. They all bundled her within, careful to keep her seated facing the leg carrier as he sat in the center seat facing the windshield. He continued to bounce the exhausted, violated virgin on his flesh-spiked lap as the others took their positions.

Jonas dropped the sack of Mandi's own lingerie, bathing suits, and sexy outfits to the van floor and took a last look at his victim—her face and body soaked with sweat and cum—before checking out the late-night town. "Let's go," he said quietly.

When the car lurched forward, Mandi was thrown, chest-first, against her most recent rapist. The last sound heard in the neighborhood was his triumphant grunting as he shot the latest wad deep into her anus....

The highest bidder had spurted into Tina “the secretary.”  He had tit-fucked Tina the secretary right there on the floor, exulting between her huge mammaries, then dousing her face in cum.

He had then rolled her over, spoon hugged her and fucked her violently—her tits and her crack—with both hands.

Finally he sat her up, looking directly into her pained, but still somehow impossibly hopeful blue eyes.

"Okay," he said, shaking her head. "You did good. Now all you have to do is clean me off... and get me off... with your succulent mouth, and I'll let you go. Okay?"

He gripped the back of her head tightly. "But any biting or screaming, and you'll never be found. Understand?"

Incredibly her eyes went back and forth between his, then finally she nodded a little girl nod. The producer’s cock immediately leapt to attention. "All right then," he said, reaching behind her bowing head and undoing the ball....

It came out of her sweet, cool orifice with an audible pop, then before she could manage a word, he dragged her head down onto his hard-on. Tina gasped and then his thing slid into her wonderfully wet cavity like a stream of ice-cream into a cup.

The sobbing girl kneeled over him, her skirt around her waist, arms still bound, her tits mashing against his legs with every ministration.

"That's it," he sighed, holding onto her cascading hair and hanging tit. "Oh yeah, that's right... remember... remember... do this and I'll let you go...!"  But then, out of the sucking girl's sight, he released her tit and reached into his pocket to grip the thick, pulpy, leather sack gag....

Finally, he suddenly grabbed her head, rammed his cock all the way in her mouth and plugged her throat, spilling his cream all the way down her.

Tina made a noise she had never made before, then jerked back.  Happily he let her go, declaring, "Look! I let you go!" Then, before her shoulder even hit the floor, he was on her again, forcing the new gag in her mouth...

Tina fell onto the floor on her back with his weight directly atop her. He ground his body against hers and stuffed the padded cushion between her teeth—sealing in his cum. "See? See? I let you go," he babbled, tightly wrenching the new gag deep into her wailing mouth, straddling her. "No more a sexy, stupid, trusting, schoolgirl who never should have been hitchhiking...!"

Tina writhed helplessly beneath him, trying desperately to understand what was going on....



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