THE LIBRARY: Tying The Knot Part 7

Knot7TYING THE KNOT Part 7 {Continued From Here}

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Steve. We thank them for letting us share it with you here} Bannergroc01

Mandi had no cause to worry...and all the cause in the world. Just as Jonas gripped her hip bones tighter and lunged all the way inside her, the door to Jonas's house was being carefully unlocked.

It, like the rest of the place, was of a vaguely medieval design: thick, muffling, shellacked wood, reinforced with iron and steel. All the windows were thick and opaque, all the curtains were thick, long, and drawn, and all the floors were thickly carpeted cement.

he highest bidder moved quickly in and closed the heavy door quietly behind him. Jonas had called him to say that his purchase was ready, and where to claim it. The highest bidder moved quickly through the large, open rooms and moved unerringly to the cellar door.

It was padded steel and locked, but the key was dangling from a hook below the latch. The highest bidder unlocked the obstruction and pocketed the key. Downstairs was an amazing series of rooms, each set up like a movie set. The first was a business office, with a wide desk, a handsome leather chair and a big leather sofa.

There, sitting in a padded guest chair that was bolted to the floor, was Tina.

She took his breath away. She was dressed in his favorite secret outfit: a tight, starched white shirt (the material straining to contain the mounds within), pearls, a tight black miniskirt, flesh-colored thigh-highs with lace tops, four inch black patent high heels, and a nice pair of wire-rimmed glasses.

Her wrists and elbows were tied tightly behind her with thin rope. Her ankles were crossed and tied together, then to one leg of the chair. In her mouth, between her thick, luxurious red lips, was a tightly strapped white ball gag.

This newly hired, college graduate secretary had “obviously stayed late and some industrial spy had jumped her, securing her out of the way until he (or she) could make off with company secrets.” It's only too bad that instead of a night watchman, her worst nightmare had discovered her....

Tina's huge blue eyes rolled toward him and she started to plead, leaning over, straining, and almost popping out of her shirt and the secured chair.

Her desperate cries for help and rescue and escape turned to a closed-eyed groan of despair as the bidder slowly walked behind her and his hand drifted lazily down to rest over her heaving right breast.

He said not a word as she threw back her head and moaned. Instead he neatly undid her top button, then another, and another, until he could see the D-cup of a lovely black lace demi-bra just barely containing her bounteous flesh mountains.

His breath caught in his throat again, but he soon let it out slowly as his fingertips moved unerringly under the lace lip and his hand filled with her glorious mammary.

He felt her body stiffen and her neck tighten as she gathered herself for a fight, but all he did was curl his other hand in her luxurious mane of yellow hair and suddenly yank her head back.

She howled in surprise and pain and her legs kicked uselessly, but then she was bent back, tighter than a drum, as he started to slowly knead her abundant bosom. For minutes nothing else happened in the room.

He just kept his hand sandwiched between her tit and the bra as her chest heaved. His fingers gripped as she inhaled, then were crushed against the D-cup as she exhaled. Her eyes were huge and staring up at him. He looked down into her heaving shirt and at her wonderful straining legs.

Speaking of wonderful legs, Jenny started when she heard the door to her own cellar open. She stared in wonder down at the thinner, older man with the light hair who stepped in to look admiringly up at her.

Jonas had done his wife’s best friend up right. Taking advantage of this finished basement with its extra high ceilings, she had been suspended from the ceiling by her tied arms, elbows, and shoulders behind her. Her legs had been tied by the ankles to steel clips in the floor which were spaced about a yard apart. Then elastic straps had been stretched so that her legs were pulled to their longest and most glorious length.

They were there for all to see because Jonas and his boys had dressed her in a micro-mini second-skin red latex dress, one which normally would have covered her chest, except holes had been expertly cut into it to perfectly display her aching tits. She couldn't complain, however, since a penis-prod gag—the kind with a padded rectangular swath of leather over the mouth—had been tightly buckled at the nape of her slim neck and around her well-formed head

Jenny shook in the makeshift contraption once more, whining to the padded ceiling.

The man facing her marveled. Jonas knew just who to call to occupy the second of his three prisoners.

"There, there, my girl," he said as he dropped a small bag to the floor, "Don’t you remember me? I was the vice principal of your school.” He continued to speak, this time over her renewed cries. “We'll soon see you right. I called a friend over. She'll help us out. You'll see." Then he started to extract the dental equipment as Jenny's eyes widened in shock and dreadful recognition....

Mandi could simply not comprehend her debasement.

Her mouth was still filled with the cheek swelling football-gag, but that was only because these men couldn't trust her teeth. No pesky incisors on her rear, however. It was plugged by a fleshy, knobby, veined-lined shaft.

She lay on one naked man lengthwise, while another half-kneeled atop her hips. Jonas sat on her stomach, his hard-on between her hand-mashed tits. His knees rested on her outstretched arms, while her own dainty hands were filled with a stiffened cock each. No matter how hard she pulled or twisted, however, the men just smiled...and held their blunted knives tighter against either front side of her throat.

All the men rutted merrily along as she tried to remain sane.

The highest bidder had untied the "secretary's" legs and Tina had leaped for the door. Despite her weakened gams, she almost made it before the producer tackled her. They both went down to the thick cushioning carpet with a thump as she managed to squeal wetly around the big gag.

Her big breasts bounced and then his hands were there, tearing away her shirt from either side.




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