THE LIBRARY: Tying The Knot Part 5

Knot5TYING THE KNOT Part 5 {Continued From Here}

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Steve.
We thank them for letting us share it with you here}

To her growing dread, he fingered her small purse then nimbly plucked her address book from it. “You may be wondering why we haven’t fucked you yet. Well, darling, it’s because virgins get top dollar. And we both know you’re not the only ones….” Eighteen year old Mandi Sterling was surprised by Jenny's call. Still, it was not unpleasant to hear from the girl, especially since Jenny and Tina had been the biggest unaware cockteasers in school, while Mandi had been the gawky, awkward, skinny, ugly strawberry-haired duckling… until, between junior and senior year, her chest erupted to 32DD size while the rest of her alabaster 5’ 7” remained 22-33.

"Jenny!" Mandi said with a big curvy smile, curling her long slim legs under her on the couch. "What's going on?"

"Mandi," The word was tight, though not as tight as the thin ropes holding her to the heavy wood and wrought iron chair in Jonas's house. Her dress was still on, although just barely. Both her panties and bra were missing in action. Her fingers clawed the air as her lashed wrists writhed over the chair arms. More rope was wrapped around her neck and in her hair, holding her head up against the tall chair back. More rope held her knees and ankles wide, her feet still wedged in the pink high heels. The gag had been taken from her mouth, but a gun was shoved against the back of her head, while another was pushed between her breasts. Jonas himself held the phone to her ear and mouth, his other fist filled with her tortured hair.

His wedding party handled the .357 and .44 magnums—the one in front idly using the barrel like a cock getting a tit fuck. He leered up at her with a big smile.

"Yes?" the redhead queried over the phone line...

Jenny looked remorsefully over to where Tina lay, tied, spread-eagled, to the big wood and wrought iron dining room table. Virginal white thigh-high stockings were on her legs, white high heels on her feet and a white satin merry-widow corset on her torso. Her head lolled off the edge of the table, her beautiful blonde hair hanging down to the floor. A huge white ball was in her mouth, covered with broad strips of white tape and a further muffling white cloth. Her blue eyes were huge, staring upside down imploringly at Jenny as one man repeatedly thrust his huge, knobby cock into her ass...while another kneaded her voluptuous right breast into a tortured balloon with one hand...and played with a wickedly sharp cleaver with the other. His meaning was clear. Jenny said one wrong word and the innocent newlywed's right breast would get chopped open like a melon.

"Mandi," Jenny repeated. "Would you mind doing me a favor?"

The attack came as a complete surprise, of course. Jenny told her the door would be open at her reclusive little house in the hills, and sure enough it was.  Mandi had come right over, pausing only to put on a dark green cotton sport shirt minidress and tennis shoes.

When a fellow virgin begged someone to help them with "female plumbing problems" since all her friends were out of town, what could a conscientious girl do... especially since all her friends were also out of town?

"Jenny?" Mandi called, peering into the darkness. It was hard to see anything clearly since all the windows were shuttered and shaded.

She had seen a big four-wheel-drive vehicle with darkened glass in the drive, so she knew that someone was home. Given the situation Jenny had outlined, Mandi guessed she was in the master bedroom's bath, so that's where the redhead headed.

"Jenny?" she called again, walking into the pink bedroom—with its pink canopied bed, its pink carpet, pink pillows, and pink curtains.

"Jenn...?" she started again, then froze in place. There, in between the bed and the bathroom door, was the brunette. She was standing stiffly erect, staring at Mandi with big grey eyes.

Her legs were completely exposed, except her feet were in red, impossibly high heels. In between her feet was a metal base bolted through the carpet into the floor. Between her legs was a metal monstrosity. Her ankles were strapped to opposite sides of the pole base. Her mouth was completely covered with a rectangle of black leather, held there by straps around her head. Her cheeks were filled and extended. Her wrists were crossed behind her and handcuffed to a wide red leather belt cinched impossibly tight around her waist. Her nipples were crushed by a thinner red leather band strapped incredibly tight around her breasts. Mandi took it all in with slack-jawed shock, finally realizing that the horrible thing clamped onto Jenny’s hips was a wicked, anus impaling chastity belt...

The slim, top-heavy redhead opened her mouth to scream. Her legs tensed to run. She had no chance to do either. From behind the bedroom door came Jonas, a sodden wad of cloth in one hand.

In a second the wad was clamped over Mandi's mouth and her right arm was wrenched all the way up her back. They danced in place, back to front, in front of Jenny for a few moments; Mandi twisting, reaching, and making sodden cries, as Jonas looked cruelly over her slim buxom frame.

"Had to do this, babies," he told his captives, motioning with his head toward the cloth wad.

"Been wanting to see you three fucked since freshman class." He looked from the vainly struggling brunette to the terrified, bleating redhead.

"No, no, he cooed to Mandi. “Your mouth was made to be filled with other things."

He pressed himself against her, continuing to coo as her head began to droop.

"Oooo, what a body. What a perfect little form." He yanked his hips up and pulled back with the cloth, jerking Mandi's feet off the floor. She lay for a split second, horrified, atop him, then her sparkling green eyes started to blink rapidly.

Jonas immediately dropped Mandi to the bed. She was conscious when she fell, but unconscious when she hit the pink covers. She started to slide off, but stopped when her shoes touched the floor. It was enough, however, to move her minidress up off her thonged, tight, round ass.

"Ew, hoo, hoo, hoo," Jonas said quietly, smiling at Jenny as she writhed on the pole, tears streaming out of her frustrated eyes.


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