THE LIBRARY: Tying The Knot Part 2

TTK10TYING THE KNOT Part 2 {Continued From Here}

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Steve. We thank them for letting us share it with you here}


Jenny made her way to the rectory door and knocked quietly. "Jonas?" No answer. "Tina?"

Still no answer, but truth be told, she could hardly hear herself over the suffocating atmosphere. Acknowledging that fact, she simply opened the door and slipped in.

The atmosphere on the other side of the thick, heavy door was quiet, dark, and reverent. She stood in a small entryway, with the room itself around a small corner. She caught glimpses of stone wall and opaque stained glass windows, but saw no one.

Instead, she heard something. The noise from outside was all but silenced when she closed the door behind her. Now all she heard was a strange, wet a small hydraulic pump ridding a basement of water. sounded somehow more organic than that. Like a pipe getting backed up, then cleared time and time again. Then there was an odd sort of distant grunting she could just make out.

Jenny opened her mouth to call out a name again, but it froze in her throat. Could it be? Were they consummating their relationship this fast? Jenny realized that it was possible. Despite Tina's incredible 36-24-35 body, the bride was well known for her sweetness and child-like innocence. And Jenny knew that Jonas was her knight in shining armor. He had always been willing to wait … but now, of course, they didn’t have to anymore.

In any case, Jenny was not going to interrupt them. She would take a quick look, then decide whether to give them her best or just silently exit.

She leaned forward carefully and stuck one eye around the corner. That's when she froze.

Jonas was nowhere in sight. His wedding party, however, was well in evidence, as was his bride.

Tina was bent over from the waist. Her wedding skirt was torn off, lying in a heap beside her.

Jenny could now see her earlier guess had been right. There were lace stockings, a lace garter belt, and four and a half inch high heels....

But no panties. The corset was slightly unzipped. Tina’s magnificent breasts swung free. Jenny couldn’t see her best friend’s mouth. It was as if the pretty blonde had been born without one.

Jenny gasped. One of the wedding party had his exposed cock out of his unzipped pants and all the way up Tina's ass from behind, his hands filled with her succulent breasts—the tiny nipples set amid pink aureoles bulging from between his fingers.Tina's hands were filled as well, only with the exposed cocks of two other wedding party members, their meaty hands gripping her wrists like vises...

The scene was bad enough...but there was one thing worse: Tina's expression.

When Jenny had gasped, the newlywed had rolled her beautiful big blue eyes up. And in those gorgeous orbs Jenny saw the worst: hysteria, helplessness, and pleading terror. Jenny jerked back to leap into the church and scream at the top of her lungs. She turned to bolt... and ran directly into the waiting arms of Jonas.

“Hey Jenny,” he said quietly, his utter calmness stunning her.

“Jonas,” Jenny gasped, stepping back. “What … what…?!”

“Jenny, come on,” Jonas calmly pleaded. “We had waited so long….”

“I know, b-but…” Jenny stuttered.

“She wanted it, Jenny. You know that. We got so excited, she could hardly wait.”

“J-jonas,” Jenny stammered. “B-but…!”

“We said we’d wait till marriage,” he explained blithely, “so we’re married.”

Jenny shook her head, blinking, trying to remain sane. “But not like this, Jonas!” she finally managed to blurt out. “With you. With you!”

“Me?” Jonas echoed in seeming confusion. “You have got to be kidding. Jenny. Didn’t you know? I’m gay.”

Then the other three best men were on the lovely, sweet, shapely, freckled brunette.

One second Jenny was a free, lithe beauty. The next she felt a paralyzing pain unlike any other. One of the men had used his coiled muscles to wrench her right arm all the way up her back. She tried to scream, but his other hand was there, fastened tightly over her pretty mouth, his fingers sunk deeply into her smooth flesh. Jenny was stunned. He no longer had a palm and fingers--he had a clamp that sealed her lips as effectively as cement. Then he was there, his body sealed to hers, his lips hissing into her ear.

"Nice of you to stop by, Jenny," Jonas’ best friend Kyle said wickedly, all his resentment and lust toward her pouring into her brain. "Wouldn't want princess Jasmine to miss the wedding party."

She tried to get away, but only succeeded in lancing a lightning bolt from her arm into her body--which made her writhe against him, turning her yell into a mew, her eyes screwing shut.

"Oh no, dear," Kyle went on sarcastically. "Don't worry, babe. They'll be plenty for you, honey. We all know how you always wanted to party, sweets."

Jenny's eyes snapped open, her view filled with Tina's degradation. She serviced half the wedding party with her graceful hands and sweet ass. Jenny’s hysteria sharpened her vision. Her blonde best friend’s mouth wasn’t missing. It was sealed…! That's when she remembered it was only half the wedding party Tina was unwillingly servicing. The rest of the other half was coming at her...with thin, nasty ropes in their hands....

The one who reached her first swooped his hand into the top of her dress, immediately slipping by the cloth and bra to grip her right tit like a melon. The second grabbed her other arm and started wrapping rope around its wrist. The third shot his hand right at her neck to tighten his fingers around her throat.

A roar picked up strength in her ears, and just as Kyle threw her forward, the greasy, muscular, leering man who grabbed her breast slammed his other hand under her terribly short skirt, rammed his fingers through her filmy pink g-string panty and into her cunt.

Jenny stiffened as if electrocuted. It made no difference to any of the men. The man holding her throat pushed a ball of white lace into her flopping, gaping mouth. Jenny was shocked to find herself chewing on Tina's panties...and something else ... something ... that felt like sanitary napkins.

Jenny grunted, but then came the swath of tape. Flesh-colored, thick, sticky tape that sealed her lips and stuck to her cheeks like dew.

Jenny's head reared back, but it was too late. She was gagged as effectively as if she, too, had been born without a mouth. She kicked out, but her legs went on either side of her molester, who held her up by her breast and cunt. Then, suddenly, her hands were at her thighs and her arms were at her sides. She stood, staring over the working heads of a wedding party trio, as the other three came all over Tina. The virginal blond jerked in place, choking, as cream shot from all sides. Then her ass reared up as the man who clutched her straightened, grunting, obviously shooting his load up into her as she tried to scream through the stuff in her mouth and covering her lips.










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