THE LIBRARY: Tying The Knot Part 1

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 11.55.29 AMTYING THE KNOT Part 1

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Steve. We thank them for letting us share it with you here}




Stunningly sweet Jenny Marcus couldn't believe her eyes. Even after all the 5’5” inch brunette had already seen, she was paralyzed in place by the scene.

Later, she was told that it was shock that kept her 36-23-34 inch shape from running … for all the good the explanation did her.

The pert, pretty grey-eyed girl had wanted to leave from the very beginning. Sure, Tina was her best friend, and had been ever since they met in junior high, but, despite all she had said about how happy she was and how perfect this day would be, Jenny still had to fight her instincts simply to stay.

First, there were the rehearsals. Or, in reality, the lack of them. Jenn had flown all the way to the groom’s rustic hometown, only to be met at the small airport by a driver who gave her an envelope and dropped her off at a quaint, isolated motel.

Inside the envelope had been a hand-written letter from Tina, talking about how excited she was, what a whirlwind the planning had been, and could Jenn be a dear and meet them at the ceremony when the driver came back for her?

Well, obviously Tina was thrilled… Jenn could even make out dried tears of joy spotting the paper here and there.

Lying on the bucolic motel bed was a pink satin maid of honor dress that was seemingly tailored for her impressive figure.

Jenn blushed a bit at its deeper-than-usual neckline and frilled, lacey miniskirt, but had to admit that it was flattering in the extreme. In fact, she acknowledged, while turning this way and that in front of the room’s oval full-length antique mirror, that she probably never looked better.

Her grey eyes shone in the wood-beamed room. Her thick, long, dark brown, almost burgundy-colored hair also shone in the muted lamplight. Even the charming freckles across her warm face seemed to enhance her youthful vitality.

That wasn’t unusual, considering the reasons Jenn and Tina had gravitated together. In addition to being two of the cutest, freshest, least-effected girls in their high school, they had both immediately noticed each other’s promise rings. Those rings held them in good stead as they worked their way through the years.

They protected each other everywhere they went, especially since Jenn had seen men’s laps bulge just because Tina had smiled at them (truth be told, Tina had seen the same thing when Jenn had looked up at the school’s administrators).

But then there was Jonas, who also wore a promise ring. It was love at first sight for Jenn’s blonde best friend, and the almost unbearingly cute young man. Soon Jenn was a third wheel as the two talked of love, eternity, and saving themselves for each other.

But that was all right. It was the way the girls had been raised in the Catholic orphanage, and Jenny was deliriously happy for her friend. In fact, she was thrilled when Tina asked her to be the maid of honor at her just-after-graduation, between-high-school-and-college wedding.

So Jenn dutifully slipped on the matching pink high heels that were neatly tucked under the bed skirt just beneath where the dress had been awaiting. The sexy shoes also seemed specially made for her, and adhered to her dainty feet the way the dress adhered to her impressive body.

Jenn clutched her slim raincoat around her as the driver returned, maintaining her modesty despite an admittedly great bridesmaid dress which threatened to reveal most of her chest and all of her legs – handsome as they were.

She fought more urges as they reached the chapel – a small, secluded, ramshackle old church that had obviously seen better days. Much to her surprise, the dank, cramped interior was lit only by candles, which hid a multitude of sins, but they didn’t disguise the musty, moldy smell of the place.

“Please, come in, my dear,” she heard someone say over the droning organ music that oppressed the place. She turned to see Jonas’ mother smiling benignly at her.

“Where are the rest of the bridesmaids?” she asked quietly as she reluctantly removed her raincoat (goose pimples, and two other things, rising as she did).

“What bridesmaids?” Jonas’ mother replied, already moving back toward the few pews. “There’s only you, dear, the maid of honor.”

“What?” Jenn gasped, but Jonas’ mother was practically in the shadows between two candles.

“Hurry, dear,” the woman said. “The ceremony has already begun….”

“Oh my goodness,” Jenn chirped as she stumbled forward. “Why wasn’t I picked up earlier?”

“I don’t know, dear,” came Jonas’ mother’s voice. “But you’re here now. Better hurry….”

Jenn strode quickly forward toward a bulbous shadow between the pew rows. She reached what seemed to be a huddle of wool suits.

Jonas’ "best men" were even more macho than she thought possible -- big, muscular, guys standing shoulder to shoulder in a semi-circle as if Jonas was a quarterback … and Tina was the ball.  Much to her confusion, Jenny couldn’t find a place to stand between them. Hyper-aware of the officiator’s droning mumble, she shifted around the bulks until she stood at the far right end, looking diagonally between the best man and the pastor.

Jenny started in place, nearly crying out. She stared at her best friend in astonishment.

Tina Bancroft stood amongst all those men, wearing the tightest, most revealing wedding dress Jenny had ever seen.

The top was just a severe white corset with the deepest u-neck Tina had ever suffered. It zipped up the front and laced up the back, turning her already shapely torso into a steel-and-whale-boned-crushed hourglass, her beautiful breasts bulging on either side of the unforgiving satin and leather shoulder straps like balloons about to burst.

Her only other adornments above her waist were white, shoulder-length, second-skin gloves, which seemed to shine in the gloom as if they were made of latex, and a demure white lace wedding veil which her bright blue eyes shone through like beacons.

A satiny white dress draped down from her perfect hips to almost cover what  appeared to be wicked white stiletto high heel boots, but Jenny could only stare into her best friend’s veiled, beseeching, eyes, which Jenny mistook for admonishment.

Jenny silently mouthed the words, “I’m sorry,” but couldn’t be sure whether Tina saw it in the murkiness. The bride’s reaction certainly wasn’t assured. Tina’s head seemed to quiver and her body tremble as the old, bent minister continued the wedding ritual in a hushed, mushy voice.

Within seconds, Jenny felt almost hypnotized by the man’s droning and her best friend’s radiance. Despite the extraordinary exposure of the outfit, Jenny had to accept that the combination of Tina’s flawless skin, amazing breasts and flowing, natural blonde hair made her the most beautiful bride anyone could have ever seen.

Jenny tore her gaze away to glance at Jonas, who stood beside his betrothed, holding her arm tightly, beaming fervently. Then the maid of honor’s eyes returned to her best friend – watching Tina’s chest swell repeatedly in the unforgiving décolletage as if to explode again and again and again.

Jenny could just imagine what the five foot, seven inch Tina wore beneath. By her present height, the boots had to be at least four-inches. There was certainly no chance of a bra, but perhaps a lace garter belt and stockings -- all virginal white of course.

By that time, however, Jenny could no longer think about undergarments because she was so amazed by the ceremony itself. Jonas had six guys around the couple: three lined behind the groom and three beside the bride – the nearest to Tina one so close he seemed to be steadying the seemingly vibrating girl, who could have been either unsteady on the stilettos, nervous, excited, or all of the above.

When Jenn finally got used to the minister’s delivery, she realized that this was the ultimate in chauvinist ceremonies. There was “love, honor, obey” showered over the bride with nary a responsibility for the groom.

Even though she was just a few shoulders away, Jenny could hardly hear Tina’s tiny muffled “I do” --  and even then it seemed more like a squeak than a vow. But before Jenny could dwell on that,

Jonas flipped up the veil, grabbed the back of Tina's head, and adhered his mouth over her lower face .  The fluttering bridal veil made it tough to see, but were Tina's eyes huge with happiness...or surprise?

But then Jonas had whisked her away for the final aberration of the routine: rather than go back up the aisle, he and his boys chaperoned his new bride to the side, shouldering past the maid of honor, into the priest's rectory. Jenny shook her head and looked around, but the rest of Jonas’ family didn't seem to think it unusual. They were all murmuring, lighting up cigars, cigarettes, or pipes, congratulating the "padre," and paying absolutely no attention to her.

Jenny suddenly felt the overwhelming need to get out of that sticky, smoky, cloying place. To tell the truth, it, and Jonas, had given her the creeps. She had come to support her best friend, and, although she had admired Jonas’ dedication to virginity, there were many moments when she felt he was sizing her up...not for friendship, but for "the kill."

Thanks, but no thanks, she thought. This was going to be it. She gave him respect by showing up at his wedding, but after this, she promised herself never to socialize with him again. It was bad enough she felt she had to go to this thing; she wasn't about to invite any of her friends to come along. In fact, she hadn't even told anyone she was going. Better to make an appearance and get out quick.

Time to make her good-byes. Ignored by the stand-offish crowd.....



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