THE LIBRARY: Trying Out Part 7

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

He undid the hogtie, corded her ankles back to her thighs, then shoved her in the empties bag.

The sun and cool air outside almost startled him, reminding him that there was a world outside the broom closet and duct-work. Everything had changed because of the girl in the bag, and the sooner he accepted that the happier he’d be.

He moved quickly to his delivery van, slid open the side door and set the bag down before jumping in and closing the portal behind him. He pulled out the bound and gagged girl and dumped her onto the specially padded floor.

Taking only a second to admire her tiny form curled at his feet (the way her fresh firm breasts curved down to her flat, smooth, stomach, her sleek sides curved down to her hips, the glorious curvature of her creamy legs, and the way her tiny feet nestled in her boots), he finally got behind the wheel and managed to breathe.

Studiously avoiding looking into the rear view mirror, he cautiously drove out of the parking lot, down the driveway, and onto the road. He made it all of two miles. Parking behind the dumpster at the back of a school, he snapped open her leg bonds.

She stirred, but he ignored it, choosing instead to concentrate on forcing his erect cock deep inside her incredibly tight, incredibly sweet cunt.

He grabbed her shoulders and rammed inside her as if he were sledge-hammering a spike. She reacted as if electrocuted. He couldn't tell if she were awake or not, and didn't care. The sensation of her snatch was blinding. Within moments he was ramming and desperately trying not to scream with delirium. Instead he slammed his mouth onto her right tit, suckling like a madman.

She was definitely awake by now, as if that made any difference. She surged, arched, and tried to kick and scream, but it was all useless.

He fucked her brains out, erupting deep inside her within five minutes.

She lay shivering on the van's padded floor in shock, sealed in the cunning bondage and muzzle, her mind overwhelmed by the situation, sedative and assault. He quickly retied her legs, crossing her ankles and knees to grind his cum inside her. Then he tied her elbows together. She lay quivering across the back of the van as he quickly drove away.

He made it all of five miles that time, before parking in the back lot of an unfinished condominium complex. He retied Claire – ankles to thighs, arms high up her back -- so she had to sit on his erection in the back of the van.


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