THE LIBRARY: Trying Out Part 31

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Steve. We thank them for letting us share it with you here}

So she drove the nondescript van, listening. Listening to the sodden sound of impaling flesh and the bulbous noise of sweat-slick mammeries bulging between spasming fingers – all to the rhythm of grunts, growls, muffled moans, and smothered wails.

Dorothy Swanson slowly turned onto the access road and made their way to the interstate as her partner blasted cum into little Gwen Hennessy for the first time.

“Hey Ted,” said the deliveryman. “How goes it?”

They were in an abandoned bathroom of a closed rest stop high up in the boonies. It was one of those old, dank, wooden ones that had been usurped by a more modern, utilitarian model closer to the highway. He sat on a wooden bench across from old, stained, sinks and cracked, dirty mirrors, his cell phone at his mouth and ear.

Gwen Hennessy sat on his lap, impaled on his cock, her wrenched-back, handcuffed wrists embracing his torso behind her.

Swanson was kneeling in front of them, one claw clamped to the blonde girl’s lovely throat, and the other hand … wandering.

Even the teacher had to wonder why she had initially chosen Claire to pursue. Just something more innocent and “despoily” about a brunette, she supposed. But now that they had taken the blonde, the witch had to admit that she was, indeed, magnificent.

They had dressed her in a black, scoop-necked, sleeveless, latex micro-minidress and six-inch, black, patent leather, high heel pumps, which set off her alabaster skin gloriously – as did the black latex tape they had wrapped her mouth and eyes with.

Al’s hand was filled with Gwen’s left breast, making subterranean effects with the dress top as he spoke. “Oh, nothing, nothing,” he continued. “Yeah, I’m still on vacation, but I just couldn’t get Mrs. Holden out of my mind.”

The blonde fidgeted on Al’s lap. His hand tightened murderously on her tit as Dotty’s did likewise on her throat and thigh.

“Yeah, yeah,” Al continued. “Any … uh … progress?” As he listened, the witch’s free hand snaked a few millimeters up the straining hem.

Gwen started, her nostrils flaring, as Swanson’s fingers found her clit, but Al simply slapped his paw over her already sealed mouth and bore the back of her head tightly onto his shoulder.

“Uh-huh … uh-hunh,” he muttered, tightening his grip as the little blonde’s wriggling became more pronounced. Sweat beads popped out of her forehead, chest, and legs as her remaining revealed flesh became increasingly flushed.

Dotty had to actively choke off her humming bleats … but her other hand never stopped rooting….

Oh,” grunted Al as he began to jerk his hips. “Okay. Yeah, I got you. Ummm ….” He took a second to press Gwen’s vibrating thigh down. “Do you think I should come back early, then?”

He listened as the girl surged and even tried to stand up, one glorious nipple popping out from the dress top. But Dotty was pressing even harder, her thumb on the girl’s larynx, her other fingers pinching her clit in a death grip.

Al twisted her head by her mouth, his fingers so deep into her face flesh he could practically feel the bone, so her face was pushed deep into his chest. “Okay, yeah, sure,” he said hoarsely, wrenching his hips off the seat to plug the straining girl completely. “I got you, Ted. Thanks.”

He snapped the phone closed and down onto the bench at the same moment he surged up, taking Gwen and Swanson with him.

Slamming both his hands onto the girl’s boobs as if detonating grapefruit, he brought her pointed toes off the ground and exploded into her.



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