THE LIBRARY: Trying Out Part 3

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

Claire’s mother found the people who arranged the try-out as he started fucking her drugged daughter in the janitor’s closet.

He kept fucking her as the others looked through the building for any sign of her.

He kept fucking her when someone finally checked the men’s room. He kept fucking her -- hand tight on her mouth, forearm back on her throat -- when someone rattled the locked custodian’s door.

He kept fucking her when they heard someone call “Hey, does anybody have a key to this broom closet?” He kept fucking her when they heard the reply, “Yeah, I think so, hold on.”

Claire writhed and moaned, trying hard to wriggle out from beneath him despite the sedative, steel, pull-ties, and padding. He just smiled grimly, kept one arm tight against her jaw, one hand hard over her mouth, and his cock surging wetly in and out of her tight, warm cunt.

“Got it?” they heard, followed by a jangling, and an assuring, “Yeah, right here, I think.”

A key went into the lock. It jiggled, but didn’t open. “Shit, not that one,” they heard.

He started slamming into the quivering, straining, choking girl even faster.

“What’s that noise?” they heard as another key clacked into the lock.

“What noise?” The key scraped, but the lock didn’t open. “Not that one either, I guess.”

He was heavy atop her and hard inside her, squeezing her lower face as if to pop it, thrusting as if to split her in two.

“Ya think?” they heard. “You know, that thumping, humming noise….”

“Thumpety, thumpety, hunhn, hunhn?” said one voice as he clicked another key on the chain.

“Yeah,” said the other voice. “That’s it.”

“How the hell should I know? It’s an old building.” A third key was tried. The door didn’t open.

He leered down at Claire’s misty, pained eyes as he jammed all the way back in.
Just a few more seconds, her foggy mind told her. Just a few more moments and they’d find her. They’d save her before he could defile her completely. They’d rescue her from this sex maniac. Just a few scant seconds more….”

A fourth key went into the lock.

“Hey guys,” a third voice called. “The cops are here.”

The clinking of keys stopped. “Okay,” said one. “We’ll be right there.”

The key turned. The lock popped open. He grabbed Claire by the throat with both hands, buried his cock all the way inside her, and came.

Tears exploded out of the girl’s eyes as drool and spit soaked the padding. It coursed down her face and chin, mingling with the sweat that coated her skin and dampened her clothes.


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