THE LIBRARY: Trying Out Part 27

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Steve. We thank them for letting us share it with you here}

trying27“That’s my line,” the delivery man snorted as the dildo and butt plug hit the floor. The witch quickly pressed a pillow over Claire’s mewling face as he jammed his cock deep inside her once more.
Claire’s eyes snapped open in the pitch black room to see the deskman’s face with his finger up to his lips. If she hadn’t been so astonished, she would have rolled her eyes at the ludicrousness of the gesture. Of course she was going to keep quiet! The plug in her mouth, the pad over her lips, the straps over her head, around her skull, and under her chin would see to that.

She was equally astonished that they hadn’t gone to sleep with her handcuffed around his torso or him spooning her.

Instead she lay between her captors, a second skin latex basque adhered to her curves, ending in a garter belt holding up black thigh-high stockings under black patent leather high heel pumps.

Her wrists were hand-cuffed around the metal headboard slats and ankles cuffed around the baseboard slats …only they weren’t any longer.

The deskman had a handcuff key. She was, for the first time, in days, free. But it was like waking up in a lion’s den or a minefield. The deskman motioned at her to come, but very carefully. Claire completely comprehended the situation, and breathed deeply, trying to control herself … and failing to keep the deskman’s eyes from her breasts, which swelled up to fill the basque to bursting.

But then he motioned again to the head and baseboards, and finished with a carrying motion. She felt a twinge of doubt, but then realized how small she was. She cautiously stretched, letting the solid old bed frame take her weight at the wrists and ankles until she hovered above the bedsheets. The deskman instantly snatched her up and over the mattress, and silently stood her on the floor. He immediately took her hand and walked into the equally dark night, quickly and soundlessly closing the door behind them.

Claire Holden felt faint, but the deskman pointed sharply at her high heels, then swept her back into his arms. He ran across the darkened parking lot to the office and didn’t set her down until they were in the back room. Claire looked achingly at the phone and immediately started to undo the harness gag. But her fingers felt like boiled noodles.

“We’ve got to be quick,” the deskman whispered, tossing a thin towel to her. “We’ve got to get you out of sight!”

Claire stared at him in alarm, affixing the towel around her waist to cover her crotch (making it look like a slit miniskirt)

Then stabbing her hand toward the phone.

“No, no, are you kidding?” he hissed. “The cops around here suck! Lazy bastards, they might think it’s a joke, even from you, and, besides, they’ll take too long. By the time they get here your ‘friends’ might have you again, and god knows what they’ll do to me!”

Claire’s already big eyes widened and started to fill. She grabbed for the phone as he grabbed her in a bear hug. “I swear,” he grunted as he dragged her desperately struggling form back into the darkness at the end of the enclosure. “I swear this is for the best!”

As they scrambled back into the shadows, the reedy towel snapped off and fell like a debutante’s tattered handkerchief to the dirty floor.


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