THE LIBRARY: Trying Out Part 26

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Steve. We thank them for letting us share it with you here}

“Just for the night,” he said, signing his name. “Won’t need nothing but privacy, okay?”

“It’s been a long day and a long drive,” his wife interjected with a wan smile. “We just need some sleep is all.”

“I can dig it,” said the desk man, who merely glanced at the man’s signature. After all, it interrupted his staring at their daughter’s great legs and the curvature of her surprisingly full chest. He only wished he could see her face. “Your poor daughter seems especially beat,” he said as he reluctantly turned away to get their key off the hook.

The man smiled slightly and shrugged. “Yeah, the trip was especially hard on her, with her allergies and all. Besides, you know how kids her age can get.”

“Yeah, you bet,” the deskman said, turning back to reexamine her. “Poor thing.”

“Well,” the woman said briskly as she went to help her daughter to her feet, “best get going. Sooner we get in, sooner we can hit the sheets.”

“Room nine, straight down at the end like you asked, the deskman told them. “Sure you don’t want a separate room for your daughter?”

“Nah,” said the man, taking up the rear as the woman guided the girl in the school uniform and duffle coat back out into the rain. “We’re one big happy family.”

The room was as run-down as they expected, with dim lightbulbs, thread-bare carpet and stained bedclothes, but with a simple, solid, old set of double beds. Dorothy Swanson made sure the blinds and curtain completely covered the one window as Al held Claire up by her hair and snapped the surgical mask off her face.

There, where they left it, was the microfoam mouth sealant and the sedative-soaked nostril plugs.

“Loved the allergies comment,” the witch smirked as she headed back to their charge.

“You’re just pissed I didn’t let you mention it first,” he sneered as she pulled the duffle coat off the unsteady girl’s shoulders to reveal the thumb cuffs and elbow pull-tie holding her arms tightly behind her.

It also revealed the full glory of the school uniform, which, despite the relatively long length of the skirt, and essentially full coverage of her torso, was still stunningly sexy.

As if reading his mind, Dotty cracked, “It’s not the outfit, it’s the bitch that’s in it.”

Al swatted off the sunglasses and before Claire’s smoky eyes even focused, he was ripping the sweater down the middle to reveal the midriff-exposing shirt and the ridiculously tight elastic silk balconette bra.

“Okay, okay, okay,” Al growled, forcing the girl backwards toward the bed. “Keep her quiet. I’ve gone a full fifteen minutes without fucking her!”

Then Claire was bouncing back-first on the bed, but was quickly borne flat by his thudding torso. He tore up the front of the skirt to reveal that her panties had been replaced by a strapped-in dildo and butt plug.

“Good girl, good girl,” he hissed. “No pissing on the nice clean lobby rug….”

“As if anyone would notice,” Dotty sneered as she sat next to the girl’s groaning head. “There’s my pretty little darling,” she chided to the groggy girl in a sing-song as she scratched at the edge of the microfoam seal while cradling a harness gag. “Having a tough time gathering your widdle wordies cuz of all the mean ol’ druggies? Well, I mean to make it even harder!”


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