THE LIBRARY: Trying Out Part 19

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Steve. We thank them for letting us share it with you here}

“Yeah, that’s right,” he urged. But sobs soon wracked her defiance, and her body sunk slowly, miserably, shaking, back to the carpet. “Yeah,” he agreed quietly. “Somebody would have heard you … somebody would’ve found you if you were taken….” He went back to steadily mauling and fucking.

“Naw,” he concluded. “You had to run away of your own free will.” He positioned his chin on her shoulder and smiled into the corner of her big wet eyes. “You’re probably out there right now, having the time of your life, huh, baby? Well?” he spat, thrusting. “Aren’t ya? Aren’t ya?!” He rammed with each exclamation, again and again, until, finally, he despoiled her once more.

He left her there -- despondent, ankles pull-tied, in the middle of the upstairs hallway, cum dripping from her snatch and slowly drying on her inner thighs – and went to find some sedative.

When mommy got home, daddy was on the sofa with baby beside him. Baby wore a simple but supremely sexy, filmy, wrap-around, pink minidress which held and outlined her breasts. The skirt slipped open to reveal most of her legs, which ended in five-inch, pink, patent leather, ankle strap, high heel pumps.

Her wrists were handcuffed behind her back and the spider-leg ring-gag was back in her mouth as daddy had one hand behind her head, bouncing her mouth on his erection, while the other hand was milking her mammary inside her dress.

The teacher was initially rendered mute and still by the over-weaning sexiness and perversion of the scene. “So,” she finally managed hoarsely, “our little girl is all grown up now, eh?”

“You could say that,” the deliveryman grunted, pushing her head down and pulling it up again while yanking on her breast.

Swanson saw Claire’s big eyes roll around their sockets, her splayed-out arms trying to find sustenance, and her pump-pointed feet seek balance as the deliveryman used her mouth like a lubricant-dipped sweat sock.

“Have you…,” Swanson started until Al held up his hand.

“Just a sec,” he hissed, then bobbed the girl’s head faster and faster. The teacher saw him grit his teeth, hold his breath, then stretch out until he jammed Claire’s head down and held it there, thrusting his hips up, once, twice, and then stopping on the third.

“Ahhhhh…!” he sighed with satisfaction before letting his hands drop, and falling back.

Claire Holden wrenched up as if snapped from a catapult, cum flying out of her yawning mouth.