THE LIBRARY: Thin Ice Part 7

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

"There," he had said almost silently, looking at her dildo-free cunt. "Right where I left it...."

He had crawled atop her, slowly and carefully clamping his hand over her ball-gagged mouth as his partner's lights went off and the cop approached.

"There you go, sir," the cop said as the lights came back on.

"Thank you, officer," said the trainer. "Thank you very much."

"No problem, sir. Drive safely."

Mia's eyes started to flutter as the cop circled his car. He stopped just as he got to the driver's door. At that moment, Mia's eyes snapped open and she stared into the hooded face of her torturer. She screamed madly in rage and horror, her beautiful body surging up, her back arching... but all she succeeded in doing was thrusting her slim hips against his cock and giving him a better angle with which to seal her mouth.

"There, there, darling," he whispered evilly. "It's not like you haven't done this before...." And then he rammed his erection all the way inside her. Mia grunted in agony, her arms and legs jerking against her new bonds. She clawed and shook and kick, but he had tied her too cunningly in the recess of the tree roots. She lay in the dirt, crushed by his weight, his hand sealing her mouth, his other hand holding down the top of her head as he screwed her.

The cop stared into the darkened trees, watching the wind blow the leaves. He watched as eight blades of grass riffled close to the ground, thinking that he would have to take care of his house's crab grass during the coming weekend. He got in his car and drove away. It would be for minutes before he would remember that there was no grass in that patch of earth.

Mia's fingers achingly reached for the sky as he thrust faster and faster into her tight, deep, warm hole, her face squeezed between his spasming hands. "," he grunted into her ear. "And...quick-fading.... No side-effects.... tie you...."

He stuck his sopping tongue in her ear, his hands keeping her head from moving away. Trying to ignore the pain and humiliation, she concentrated on the oil that still slickened her limbs.

The run, the dirt, and the night air had diminished the slickness almost everywhere else, but her right wrist was still oily enough.

Twisting, pulling, and pushing, even the thin, tight rope was beginning to give way. And there was a baseball-sized rock just inside the root....

Then her body began to rebel against the rape. Her vagina clamped as her leg muscles began to spasm. Colored blotches began to explode in her vision and the internal fire began to char her being. She jerked at the ropes again and again, shrieking into the ball and his hand, her body jerking like an epileptic's.

He sunk his mouth to her elegant neck, slobbering to keep from barking with delight at the sensation of her sex. He thrust faster and faster, his cock engorged with blood and gathering cum.

Her hand snapped free. Her fingers clutched the rock. She swung it up with all the strength she ever had and ever would have…

Her wrist was caught two inches from his head by his partner.

He came. The tableau froze for a split second: the man doing a push-up off her face, hissing with gleeful release; Mia's arm straight up, hand filled with a rock, her wrist pinioned in mid-air; and the other man kneeling beside her, holding onto her wrist.

"I think," whispered the kneeling man, "that she still has enough strength to skate." Then they fell on her.  The cop thought he heard something. Something... like a cut-off sound of quiet, incomprehensible... anguish. It wasn't loud... no, maybe it started as a louder sound, but was quickly submerged, as if buried.  He hastened his steps, putting his hand on the butt of his gun, as he moved up to the space between the trees where he had seen the fluttering "blades of grass."  He thought he saw movement... he thought he heard sound.  He jumped onto the lip of the incline and tree roots, his gun drawn.  The movement were leaves and dust.  The sound was the moan of the wind.  There was no one there.

Fifty feet away, Mia tried to scream to him, but couldn't.


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