THE LIBRARY: Thin Ice Part 6

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

Blinking, chest heaving, Mia weakly brought her arm up to her face. Acting like someone who had just climbed Everest, she pulled the stocking down and started digging at the tape. She pulled it free, a cup of drool spilling over her chin, throat and chest. She groaned, then started to pull at the ball wedged behind her teeth. To her shock, it wouldn't come out. Incredibly it was wedged in so tight, was so perfectly shaped, so tautly cinched, and she was so weak, she couldn't force it out. Her fingers danced at the back of her head, only to discover that it wasn't tied or was locked there, with a tiny padlock...! Mia made a bleating sound in surprise, but then she reached for the oil bucket instead. She splashed the stuff on her long, almost completely exposed legs, concentrating on the wire at her knees and ankles. Within minutes her cursed shoes were off and the wire bands were rolled all the way down to her toes. Moments later the dildo and butt plug oozed from her body like repelled serpents. They flopped to the floor with lubricated thuds.

40/Mia fell back in near exhaustion. Her body was free. Her skin was shining with oil. A red ball gag was locked in her mouth.

Enough rest. Mia quickly pulled her wet dress over her exposed, oil-slick, sweat-drenched right breast, and pulled herself to her feet.

She had to stand unsteadily for a few moments, waiting for strength to return to her incredible legs. And then she emerged from the steam room.

She was an incredibly sexy little package in the moonlight, the glow making her buttery skin shine all the more, showing the night her remarkable shape and allure. The ball in her mouth and the strap around her head almost looked like an exotic piece of jewelry in the ghostly twilight.

Only it wasn't.

It was what kept her from finding a phone... choosing to look for an exit instead.

She took a tentative step, not wanting her oil-slicked feet to slide out from under her. To fall now, to hit her head, perhaps hurt herself permanently, would be a horrid irony. Using the balance that would have made her a champion, she moved cautiously down the hall toward the doors, holding her high heels in one hand by their ankle-straps.

She stepped outside into the night. It was cool, her abused nipples rising as if inflated. She shivered and peered toward the road beyond the wide yard. To her stunned amazement she saw the nightly patrol car turn the corner.

"Hea...!" she tried to call, having almost forgot about the ball in her mouth which hollowed her every sound. "HENH!!" She began to run, waving her shoes. "Hueh...henh!!!" Damn her legs, she thought errantly. They were still deadened, hardly tingling. It was like moving on slim, stiff, shafts of cream. "Hea....UNH!!!" she cried, running across the darkened yard faster.

If she could just keep up this speed, she could just reach the road as they were about to turn the corner.

"HEA-UNGH!!!" She raced past the little playground for all the little brothers and sisters waiting for their family to finish skating. She moved quickly past the edge of the parking lot. Just one small patch of trees and shrubs and she would be at the street.

Mia used what remained of her gold metal reserves and plunged across the grass. Her feet went out from under her. For a moment she felt as if she was floating... a scream frozen in her throat. Then she hit the ground on her front... the scream slammed from her.

She stared up, arms out, watching the police car start to turn the corner. She watched it suddenly stop by a parked car. She watched its roof lights come on. She opened her mouth as wide as it could go to make a noise... any noise, as long as it was loud enough for them to hear. Then the pad smacked over her lower face.

Mia Chung went insane. She screamed, kicked, and clawed at the dirt as a knee spiked her in the back, nailing her to the ground. A hand gripped the front of her hair, holding her head up as a thick, gooey, cloying hunk of padded cloth was clamped over her nose and ball-filled mouth. "That's it, baby" she heard whispered. "Breathe nice and deep. Breathe...."

She screamed like a madwoman HERE!!!!"  The sound was swallowed by the ball, the cloth, and the night wind. She started to cry miserably, fearing yet knowing what came next.

" I meeeee...." And then her face was in the dirt, the evening shrouded by the drug. She felt as if she was laying on pulverized glass. She sensed a heavy, hot breath at her ear.

"What did I say, bitch? Tell no one...."  "Excuse me sir," said the patrol cop. "Could you tell me what you're doing here at this time of night?"

One of the trainers looked up from the parked car's dashboard. "I'm sorry, officer, but I think one of my fuses blew. All my car lights went out. I was just trying to replace it."

"Oh," said the cop. "Got an extra fuse? Need any help?"

Fifty feet away, the other trainer was fucking Mia Chung. The ankle-strap high heels were back on her feet. Her arms and legs were bound wide in a spread-eagle to a variety of exposed roots. Kneeling beside her, he had unzipped his pants then flicked her short skirt up.


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