THE LIBRARY: Thin Ice Part 4

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

Her body was magnificent as she lay there, orifices bubbled out of cum. "Oh man," one of her captors breathed. "Oh man, oh man, oh man..." If anything, she was even more beautiful than when they first attacked her.

Outside the trainers got in their cars and went home. Inside a judge checked the rink one last time. Having looked in every room, he could only assume the Asian skater had gotten cold feet and gone home. After all, she was over sixteen now, with liberal parents...she had a car of her own. That car had been driven away by Kerry Harrigan. And the owner of that car was in a hall closet, wedged between her two rapists, their cocks up her vaginal and anal orifices.

The one behind held her sealed mouth as the judge had gone by just outside. His other hand was kneading her right breast. The one in front was squeezing her lovely throat while mauling her left breast.

Her nostrils flared, struggling for air while her fingers stretched, reaching desperately for anything, her wrists bound to the very tops of her thighs.

Both men viced her two legs in their own four, their cocks keeping her up, her aching, reaching toes just barely touching the cement.

They waited until the judge had passed, switched off the light, and locked the door. Then, there in the darkness, they started fucking her in earnest again, moving like two big dogs in heat. She moaned in agony as they let go of her mouth and released her neck, then was stunned as they peeled the tape from her up-turned face.

"What...?" she gasped as the hunk of material was clawed from her mouth. "Please...!" But then the big red ball gag replaced it, popping behind her teeth and being viciously buckled behind her head.

She felt her ample lips adhering around it a second before she realized why the muzzles had been switched. Mia screamed deep her in her throat as the man with his cock up her cunt slammed his suckling, slobbering mouth on hers.

He held her hair tightly with his left hand, keeping her face in position as he twisted her aching breast with his right rhythmically. Meanwhile the man who had invaded her from the rear kept pulling on her other tit while holding her chin. Her head was pulled back, her mouth popping off the first defiler, only to be replaced by the sucking mouth of the second.

Tears soaked the panels of tape over her eyes until it seemed to adhere to her like an eighth layer of skin. From a distance of inches, it looked as if she merely had her seemingly lashless eyes closed. They finally came in her again, letting pints of drool pour off her lower lip as she shuddered, gasped, wailed, and drunkenly weaved side to side between them. Suddenly her chin was being vised in an iron grip. She felt the cocks sliding out from inside her and she could stand, albeit barely. The tape squares were being torn from her eyes. Her wrists were being undone from her thighs and being crossed and retied behind her. She blinked up into the hood-covered face of a rapist. "Okay," he said harshly as her wrists were painfully cinched side by side behind her with rubber-coated wire. "You put skate to ice, we fuck you again. You tell anybody about this, and I mean anybody, we fuck you again. You think we can't find you, can't get to you? You disappear. While they're all looking, we do this again, okay?" She stared up at him, almond eyes wide with horror. He shook her head with her chin. "Okay?!" She almost nodded. She almost made a little sound around the ball." Yeuh...." That's when the gold velour strips were wrapped around her eyes and mouth.  The skating rink was quiet and almost empty. The ice was dark. The locker rooms were dark. The stands were dark. The front hallway was dark...except for one small, shapely figure which shone tawny on the cold, seemingly humming tile.

Mia slid on the floor like a dying snake. Her elbows were now bound. Her ankles were crossed and bound. Her knees were now cinched. On her feet were the three-inch black, ankle-strap high heels she had in her changing bag. On her body was the little black cotton-spandex party dress she had brought to change into afterwards.

That's why her parents had not come looking or raised an alarm. They thought she was out with her friends having fun. By the time either would speak to the other, it would be the next day.... Mia arched her back, trying to escape from her bondage for the millionth time. A low moan escaped from her mouth more tape, and covered with one of the black lace thigh high stockings she had also brought along. Her entire right mammary had escaped from the low neckline some time ago, its little pink nipple and rose aureole kissing the floor in a mound. Her left nipple scratched at the barely clinging neckline with every breath. And then there was the hum. Just barely visible under the hem of the micromini skirt was a black the top of a vitamin bottle. Her legs were so wonderful that her thighs made a perfect "V" which made room for the tab between them as if tailored for it It was a small dial-switch. Holding it there was a razor-thin strap made of stretch material similar to her dress, only much stronger. It sunk into her ass cheeks and adhered to her flat stomach strap that seemed stitched to her tiny round waist of french-cut panties. It all held in the battery-run dildo and butt-plug. With a flick of the switch, the nine inches of studded, lifelike black rubber had begun to vibrate, surge, and turn. Within minutes, even in her stupor, Mia began to do the same.


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