THE LIBRARY: Thin Ice Part 3

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

"Mia?" the trainer called from the locker room door from where the girl was held. "You in here?"

Mia tried to cry out. The fingers around her throat tightened, making the call into a tiny, tormented cough.

"Mia? Anybody?" Mia shifted, almost getting her cunt off the erection. She thought about the gold medal. She used the reserves of strength that she had developed to do that one last jump when every fibre of her being said "no." She surged in her rapists' grips and prepared to scream her head off.

The man in front of her punched Mia in the stomach. She sat down hard on the man's lap, his shaft nailing inside her like a spike in satin.

The puncher sat on her lap in turn, one hand over the hand over her mouth, the other grinding her succulent left tit. "Mia?" The girl blinked, unable to breathe, unable to talk, unable to move. Her eyelids began to flutter, her eyes rolling up into her head. "You find her?" came another, more distant voice. The trainer turned in the doorway. "Not yet...she's not in here." "You sure?" came the other voice search the place?" "No...." said the trainer uncertainly.

"Okay," said Hannigan, a solid, fairly ugly blonde. "You go ahead back to the rink. I'll take a look around."

Mia fought unconsciousness. Kerry was coming in...! She had to be warned! She had to get away! She had to get help!

The men started moving the Asian beauty slowly up and down on the hard-on, her micromini almost obscuring the new rape from view.

"Mia?" Kerry called sweetly. "You hiding? You frightened? You snorting coke? You purging lunch?" Mia started to writhe between the two crushing men. Her rapist merely took another handful of her hair and wrapped an arm around her throat. The man sitting on her legs, facing her, just kept crushing her packed mouth and grinding her luscious bosoms. "Errrrr-ahhh...!" she managed to moan, but then it was too late. The arm on her throat...the penis throbbing in her...the hand crushing her lips.... Mia's eyes rolled and she fainted. At that moment the blonde turned the corner. "Mia!" she cried.

The blonde didn't run, didn't scream, didn't even attack. Instead she merely smiled and approached. "How's it going, boys?" she asked lightly.

"Fine," the one grinding Mia's breasts grunted. "I don't know," said Kerry. "She still looks ice-worthy to me." "She won't be," the man behind her promised, ramming his cock all the way up her. "You just make sure of it," the hard-looking blonde said icily, then turned and walked out. The men looked at each other, then one started bouncing the unconscious Asian lovely on the prick in earnest while the other reached for the dry-glued ace bandage.

"Great practice, huh?" the trainer cried from the other side of the Jacuzzi room. Yeah, said the other trainers from the steam-covered silver upright hot tub. One sat inside while the other leaned on the up-raised hot tub lip with his forearm.

Unseen from the other side of the room, where the rink trainer changed at a row of lockers, the leaning trainer rested his elbow on the wet hair of a head pulled just out of sight.

Water burbled all around her face, her eyes and mouth sealed by the dry-glued ace bandage, designed to adhere to skin more strongly the wetter it became. It was made for sweating football players but worked just fine to seal the naked Mia Chung inside herself.

The leaning man glanced at her with a shy smile, loving her skin's wet look and appreciating the tiny foam plugs crammed in her ears. She couldn't hear or see a thing.

 She didn't even know that possible rescue was a few feet away. All she knew was that she was wet, gagged, blindfolded, deafened, bound with rubber-coated wire, and being fucked up her well-lubricated ass.

Between the two of them, they managed to keep her nose just above water, the sound of the steamer and bubbler drowning out any noise she might make as she was pumped and pumped and pumped again...

They waited until the rink trainer had finished changing and said his good-byes before they started reaming her with a renewed vengeance. The steam and bubbles and Jacuzzi motor continued to drown out her muffled, sealed cries as she was yanked onto his hard-on as if piston driven.

Despite the water and slickness of her buttery skin, her anal-fucker held on good while the other grabbed her hair to dunk her head. He almost laughed while doing it, exulting in the fact that she didn't know they were also trainers, she didn't know she had only been a few yards away from discovery, and she didn't know what still laid ahead of her.

"Now," grunted the man ramming up her butt. "Now!" The man holding her head pushed her completely under as the other came up Mia's ass. She shook and jerked under the water trying desperately to scream or free her hands but the bandage lived up to its advertising and the cruel, tight ropes ignored the wetness, digging into her skin like biting nettles.

 It wasn't until her rapist spit his last drop of cum all the way up her that they dragged her head back up. Her shining skin was splendid and her wet hair only made her angelic, exhausted Asian features all the more excruciatingly exquisite. Chuckling, then men pulled her from the metal Jacuzzi as if landing a beautiful fish. She slid out of the water and onto the floor, her generous chest heaving, her eyes and mouth still sealed.


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