THE LIBRARY: THE EX The Conclusion

kordnurs3028 copyEX Part 4 {Continued From Here}

The van drove down the LA streets—not too fast, not too slow. They traveled the Sunset Strip; stopping at lights, waiting for cars ahead of them to turn left or right, and enjoying the night.

The ex occasionally checked the rear-view mirror: the first time when he heard Selina let out a long, guttural cry of agony. Sabata had come in her and her legs were stretched wide and tight, her head all the way back, her neck tendons gleaming, and tears pouring from her screwed-shut eyes.

Then again when she heard an unnatural grunting and the sound of flesh slapping flesh. Selina was staring at him in disbelief this time, her breasts crushed by grabbing hands, a mouth sucking at her neck and face, and legs wrapped around her own as the driver fucked her from the rear like a tick clamped onto her body.

The ex admired Selina's gleaming skin, bombshell shape, and ample orbs as well as her sultry eyes, sweet face, and luxuriant mane before he returned his attention to the road. Beside, he had plenty to occupy his  peripheral vision and hearing as it was.

His ex-wife was making desperate, sickened slurping sounds beside him. Her upper face was still covered in bandages, but an opening had been pulled for her lips. The tape was peeled off and the plug was between seats, but that didn't mean her mouth was free.

The blond guy was pushing her head down onto his erection. It emerged from his open zipper, her head just below the window.

The knife was still held, but this time at her cheek. If she thought she could get away with a bite or a scream before he cut her neck, it might be worth it. But her ex had been right: she wouldn't risk her face.

So she sucked off her rapist right there in the van, kneeling before him on the floor in front of the passenger seat, her elbows and wrists still cinched.

The ex amused himself with her forced blow job for awhile, but he became dissatisfied at about the same time Sabata came into Selina's creamy loins again.

He pulled over into a supermarket parking lot as Ortiz screamed and struggled anew at the latest cum intrusion. Sabata bear-hugged her to him, slobbering in her ear as the ex started to climb over the seat.

"What gives?" asked the blond guy, holding Holly's head down on his cock top.

"Let's make this more interesting," the ex grunted, digging into a duffel bag behind the driver's seat. He removed a ten-inch, battery-run dildo studded with knobs and thick tendrils. "Shut her up," he demanded.

For the next few minutes, shoppers walked by the van, seeing nothing through its smoked-over windows as inside, the blond guy held Holly's back against his chest with one arm around her tits and his other hand clamped tightly over her screaming mouth.

Beneath the hem of her micromini, her ex-husband was forcing a mutated, ointment-slathered, plastic penis up her cunt. In the back, Sabata had strapped Selina's elbows, thrusting her great breasts up even more, and was busy tying her ankles to her thighs.

Finally the dildo was all the way up her and Holly was pushed to the floor again, gasping.

"Now," said her ex-husband. "Now have her suck you off."

The blond guy immediately pushed his cock into Holly's gasping mouth. She squealed, but then the knife was back. With a moan she began to slobber.

"Okay," said her ex, turning the engine back on. Then he quickly leaned down and turned on her dildo as well. Holly started, then tried to shriek and wrench her head up.

The blond guy was having none of it. And as soon as he nicked her face, she started going down on his cock with a frenetic terror none of them had seen before.

As Holly desperately slobbered, sucked, and licked, Selina was forced onto Sabata's new hard-on, and the ex pulled back into evening traffic.


"Hey, you better get that engine seen to," said the guard at the stadium gate.

"What do you mean?" asked the ex.

"Listen to it," said the guard.

"What? What?'

The guard looked at the man behind the wheel wisely. "Hear that humming?"

Oh, the ex heard it all right. Only he knew it wasn't the engine. "Yeah," he said, "yeah. Good call. I'll get that seen to right away."

The others only laughed after they had driven away. They sat on the reinstalled two rear seats, their feet resting on two bound and gagged sex-soaked screen goddesses with humming, gyrating dildoes secured deep within them.

Holly's head was wrapped in bandage again, the plug filling her mouth and taped over. Bandages covered her arms from her elbows to her wrists. Bandages and tape wrapped her thighs, knees, shins, and ankles. Her dress was nominally back on, just covering her snatch and nipples.

Selina's mouth was still filled with fluffy wet towel, only this time her lower face was completely covered in tape. The remainder of the towel, now soaked in semen, was tied around that—covering everything from her chin to her nose. Squares of tape covered her eyes.

There were only remnants left of her dress, so her hips and cunt were covered with a knotted loincloth of the expensive material, and her breasts squeezed by a band tied tightly over her aureoles. Plastic ties cinched above and below her elbows, her wrists, above and below her knees, and her ankles.

Their insides were enflamed by surging, twisting, turning plastic cocks which stretched their vaginas, scratched against their inner walls, and relentlessly massaged their clitorises. Already filled with cum, the scientifically designed stimulators did their work on them: the blond guy and Sabata delighting in their trembles, undulating, flushing, jerking, and shudders.

“How much do you think we can get for them?” Sabata asked, thinking about their shapes as well as his almost crippling gambling debts.

The Ex took a long, lingering look at the beauties he now had sealed inside their own sex, images of his dwindling career and south seas retirement dancing in his head.

“Let’s find out, shall we?” he said with a wicked grin, turning the van toward the WSN processing warehouse near the Pacific a particularly shady “talent agent” had told him about.

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