THE LIBRARY: The Electrician Part 9

Electrician9THE ELECTRICIAN Part 9
CONTINUED FROM HERE - This is a newly rewritten story, involving "Privateer" - get to know him....

A big rubber stopper he used to plug pipes when he was working near water was shoved in her mouth. It was taped stringently in place, then covered with bandages that were wrapped tightly around her head. He had pulled most of her hair free and tightened the gauze again. He didn't want anyone else to hear this.

He walked slowly around her holding two exposed wires that were attached to his small wheeled circuit tester.

"Now," he said, ignoring her frantic appeals. "Whatever you do, you don't want to piss. You get liquid on this, and well...!" He touched the two wires and sparks flew. The girl jerked in place as if they were already applied, then sobbed in anguish, shuddering.

With a touch of his foot, the device was turned off as he quickly pressed the wires to Alissa's nipples. She screamed in fear, then babbled at him pleadingly, tears pouring down her face.

"Oh stop it," he said, taping the wires to her tits with two "X's" of black electrical tape. "We haven't even started yet."

She stared in terror at her thrusting breasts as he stood by the machine.

"Different voltage, different timing, erratic pattern," he informed her as she transferred her stunned gaze to him. "All I can guarantee is that you will not be able to lose consciousness. Have fun."

Then he switched the machine on.

Alissa started screaming immediately, but even that was cut off by the way her head thudded to the plank when the first jolt went through her. It was like stilettos plunged in her chest which then lightninged through her like liquid pain.

Dazed, the next cry wasn't controlled by her as the next shock came, curling her body, fossilizing her nerves, and tautening her muscles.

It was that fast. She was no longer in control of her movement, or sounds, as the electricity completely took over. It made her writhe, as if a million bees were stinging her from the inside. It made her surge upwards as if all her nerves were wrenched on a rack. It made her jerk in place as if she was being cleaved from her toes to her head and back again.

He watched her body dance, and listened to her many different sounds of torment, as he slowly caressed the silver-colored metal tube in his hands. It had been specially prepared for just this occasion. It was nine inches long, but it was the pipe's base that he had worked the most on. It had holes drilled in it so four more wires could be attached. Then, on one side was a small wing, which curved specifically up, while the other wing was longer and wide and curved up even more.

He waited until the girl's eyes were practically crossed, her body bathed in sweat, before he casually switched off the machine. Alissa thudded to the plank top, sobbing weakly, her nose and tears running, drool darkening the bandages.

"Good," he said, checking the condition of her bonds, gag, and skin. "Very good."

He taped a small pillow to the back of her head, like a nurse before his thousandth operation, then shoved the tapered tube up between her legs, and inside her. Despite her weak, pleading, struggles, the longer tail section slid under her rear, and up between her ass cheeks to hold it there -- while the smaller tail pressed down on her clit.

"There we are," he said with satisfaction.

Her head jerked up at the same moment he turned the voltage back on.

It sounded as if she were in a washing machine. She practically yodeled as the variety of voltages sent her into paroxyms of pain, her limbs jerking repeatedly in their bonds. He watched her tits dance and her hips shake like a professional belly dancer's for awhile, then carefully checked that the tape kept the wire from cutting into her skin too much. Then he went upstairs to get something to eat.

She stared after him in absolute horror, trying desperately to call out to him, but the electric shocks were too powerful. She jerked and twisted and strained, feeling her breasts ablaze and her vagina shredded as her limbs writhed in their bonds.

Then she felt it gathering inside her -- the penultimate betrayal. She felt it coming. She remembered what he had said. She screamed and screamed, trying to hold it back. But the shocks were too disorienting. She wrenched at the bonds with all her might, but it was useless.

The urine shot out of her, splattering everywhere. The machine had automatically switched off, but Alissa didn't know that. She knew virtually nothing for the entire next day. She didn't feel him giving her an enema, or cleaning her off, or covering her with medicating lotion. She didn't feel him sliding his cock into her lax mouth as she lolled naked on the sofa, or the streams of cum which splattered her chest and face when he ejaculated.

Eventually he sealed her mouth and handcuffed her to the bed, wearing one of her own velour, spaghetti-strap t-shirts, which adhered to her shape and only barely covered her crotch. He lay beside her, one hand on her muff, the other snaking under her to clamp on her right tit.

He waited, professionally estimating when a girl of her youth and strength would come out of it.

As always, he was right. When her eyes started flickering, he was there atop her, his lubricated cock all the way inside her. She groaned, starting to cry, before he gently laid a small drug-sodden washcloth over her nose. “Of course I’m sedating you,” he whispered into her betrayed, piteous, beautifully pretty face. “What do you think I am, a monster?” He watched, only slightly grinding his hips, as her eyes grew smoky and her moans diminished.