THE LIBRARY: The Electrician Part 5

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.05.37 PMTHE ELECTRICIAN Part 5
CONTINUED FROM HERE - This is a newly rewritten story, involving "Privateer" - get to know him....

"Oh, sure it does," he told her, then dragged her head, his fingers deep in her hair, up so his cock crown would poke her taped lips at every crest. "Get used to it, bitch," he snapped, feeling yet another load gathering. "There's a lot more where this is coming from...!"

The cum splattered into the tape, splashing into her nostrils. She gasped, then wailed, then struggled wildly, trying to get him off her and her air passages clear. Finally she had shaken and rubbed enough cream from her nose to breath clearly again. But he just laughed, sat up, and dragged her up with him by the back of her neck.

"There," he said mockingly. "That's better, isn't it, baby?" He then started shifting, holding her hair like a leash, so he could start sliding under her. "Better get used to the smell," he advised. "You'll be tasting it soon...."

Her reaction had the desired effect. As she tried to dive away, he wedged himself under her bent legs and gripped her tightly by the hips. Suddenly she was sitting on his haunches, her tits wobbling free. With one lifting pull, he had impaled her on him, his wet, sweaty, cum-drooling cock deep inside her.

Moments later she had stopped screaming and twisting. Eventually she just sat there, head down, fists twisting, weeping quietly as he casually bounced her on his cock while playing with her tits.

"You really are something," he said mildly. "So tight, so deep, so juicy. I wonder who popped you. That prom date? Did you like it? Was it as good as this?"

He noticed that all her tears and sweat had loosened the tape on her eyes and mouth. He'd have to do something about that. But there was time. Ever since the timing had worked so well zapping her, dragging her into the attic, raping her, then drugging and abducting her again -- all within inches of her mother -- he felt pretty good about his ability to judge timing.

"Oh, the silent treatment, eh?" he murmured, relishing the irony that this would have been her best chance at getting off a scream. "Well, that's all right, bitch," he promised her. "We'll take care of that soon enough...." He started jabbing her onto his erection with vigor as she wailed ... only stopping when the tape started peeling from the side of her face.

He immediately shoved her back onto the bed, then snapped her legs free with his electrician's knife. As the girl struggled to get feeling back in her legs and force the fetid cloth from her mouth, he dragged her up by her hair and wedged himself between her arms so she was painfully forced to hold him to her, his front to her back.

Suddenly they were standing beside the bed, the high heels still wedged on her numb feet. He tore the tape from her eyes, then ripped the remaining adhesive from her mouth, just catching her shorts with one crooked forefinger as she tried to spit them out.

With terrible purpose, he slowly, carefully, cruelly forced them back in -- no matter how she twisted, ducked, shook her head, whinnied, or clacked her feet.

Then, almost as if they were a dungeon door closing, his fingers sealed themselves over her mouth, their tips sinking into the flesh of her cheeks like burrowing worms, the muscles forcing her straining head back onto his shoulder. Her eyes were wide, wild, and wet until his other hand slowly gripped her big left breast .... and squeezed.

"Welcome to your new world, bitch," he whispered in her ear as she cringed, trying to focus in the darkness. "Let me give you the tour...."

He was clamped onto her back, her arms wrapped behind her, around him. He was so much taller the tips of her shoes barely touched the carpet. He was so much bigger and heavier that when he leaned forward she barely managed to stay on her feet. He was so much stronger and her legs were so weak from their hours of bondage that she could hardly move, let alone kick at him.

So, where he moved she was forced to stagger -- out the bedroom door to the stairs. It was a narrow building, with only two rooms upstairs, flanking the straight stairwell. "That's the storeroom, cow," he told her. "You'll only see it if I need to stash you from visitors. But, up here, mostly you’ll just see my bed...."

She started to cry again, the tears sliding over or along his clamping hand -- never under.

"These, of course, are the stairs, baby," he continued, forcing her down them from behind her, grinding her breast with every move. Her legs stretched as they went down each step, her high heel resting, then taking her full weight and enough of his to bow her down -- so her boob sunk deeper into his grip. He moved his free hand from tit to tit with each successive stair.

"Ooo, isn't that nice?" he'd coo. Then "Succulent, huh? Luscious...." Then "What's that you say, honey? More? You want to see more...?"

Finally they reached the small, dusty living room, with an old recliner, sofa, coffee table and television. She bore his insistent weight again as he leaned on her by the door, her sweat-soaked black dress plastered from her shining wet lower chest to her moisture-glowing upper thighs.

"See that, dear?" he whispered as her eyes widened, as if trying to will herself onto the other side. "Out there is the street. What? What? You'd like to see the street?" He shook her slightly as if reprimanding her. "No way, baby. You've already seen the street." He shook her slightly again. "You want to say something, sweetie? Well, you better say it now, 'cause you'll never get closer...!"

The girl's cry turned into a surprised wail as he whirled her around toward the kitchen door. "Come on, bitch," he growled. "Time's a-wasting." He forced the small, lithe, well-endowed girl forward, her sexy shape like an asterisk against his hulking form.

"Kitchen," he said curtly. "Bathroom." All were dark, dirty, and dingy. Then his hand came off her tit with a small wet pop so he could pull open the cellar door. "And this," he said, "this is your place now."

She threw her head back, thudding against his chest, for one last try at a scream. But it was swallowed up by his grunt of effort as he propelled her inside and swung the heavy door closed behind them.


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