THE LIBRARY: The Electrician Part 4

CONTINUED FROM HERE - This is a newly rewritten story, involving "Privateer" - get to know him....

He carried her to his room, the black, five inch high heels he had taken from the shop now wedged on her feet, and a swath of tape now covering her amazing eyes. She was moaning and undulating only slightly, as if having a bad dream.

Here the houses were more run-down and closer together. But here almost all the windows were always closed, locked, barred, shuttered, blinded, shaded, and curtained, and the doors always bolted.

He laid her on his iron, four-poster bed in his small, one-windowed bedroom, then tied her ankles to the baseboard and loosely leashed her throat to the headboard with the rubber coated wire. He left her there to collect the duffel bag full of her clothes and the sabotaged shop's lingerie and accessories.

Finally, he stood in his bedroom doorway looking at her amazing shape and sealed face. It was incredible. She was still achingly pretty even with her mouth and eyes sealed. He felt his heart thudding in his chest and his cock throbbing in his pants.

He had done it. Somehow he had done it. He had taken her in her own home with her mother not even knowing. Then he had kidnapped her right from under her mother's nose in such a way that...what? Will the fat broad even think to connect his visit with her daughter's disappearance "a day later"? Especially since she couldn't even report her daughter missing for a full twenty-four hours....

"She was in bed, sleeping, officer."

            "Hmmm. Pretty girl. Sounds like a runaway to us, ma'm."


            "Is anything else missing, ma'm?"

            "Well...yes...some of her nicest clothes are gone too, but...."

            "Hmmm. Yes. We've seen this sort of thing before. I'm sorry, m'am, but it does sound like she snuck away to have some fun. Is there any major social event coming up?"

            "Well, yes, there's a big dance at her school, but...."

            "Humph. Just as we suspected. I know it's tough, ma'am, but you're going to have to give her some space. A pretty girl like this, at her age, well, she's just feeling her oats. Just be patient. After the dance is over...maybe even a day or two later, she'll probably call. You let us know, okay?"

Feel her oats? Do even cops use that phrase any more?

He checked his watch. The first six hours weren't even up, let alone twenty-four. And she was already violated, then soiled, once.

"Time to go for two," he said quietly to himself, taking a step toward her....

He undid her elbows. He untethered her neck from the bed. He laid her on her back. After separating her ankles, he tied each to her thighs so that they flopped down wide, making her sexy little self into an upside-down "T" -- driving up her skirt hem and exposing her cunt like an opened fruit.

With a scooping twist of his fingers he pulled her tits from the minidress' scooped neck. He took just a second to breathlessly watch them spread across her chest like newly opened sunny sides, then climbed between her legs again. Wrapping his left arm under her neck and grinding her left tit tightly with his right, he corked her cunt with his cock and whispered, "Hey baby, I'm baaaaaack...!"

Her nostrils flared and her head jerked as he impaled her again.

She started writhing and trying to screech a third of the way through the assault, but was only able to grunt and weep as he screwed her thuddingly. With her lids shut under the tape, her eyes could give him no clue. Her sounds of suffering only drove him on harder. He pumped viciously into her, growling like a wild animal, until he came a third time. She sobbed, shuddering, beneath him, making the same sort of cries she had made in the attic.

"Oh no, baby," he gasped, louder than before. "She can't help you now. You aren't in Kansas anymore...."

The girl gave a choked off bleat, then started to tremble in earnest, wailing.

"Shut up, shut up," he growled needlessly while pushing off from her. "No one can hear you." He slid his damp, drooling log from inside her, then looked down into her sweating, shivering face. "You're mine now, bitch," he told her. "And you do what I want."

She started to wail again but whoofed under the tape when he plopped unceremoniously onto her stomach. She gagged and choked and coughed, then felt his shaft between her amazing mounds. She tried to beg, but it was already too late. He crammed her tits together around his log and started sliding it up and down, up and down, up and down between them....

"Oh that's nice, isn't it?" he cooed. "Doesn't that just feel great? Come on, baby, come on, you know it does, you know it, don't you?"

The girl shook her head desperately, straining to sit up, trying to get his weight off her torso and bound arms.


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