THE LIBRARY: The Electrician Part 16

CONTINUED FROM HERE - This is a newly rewritten story, involving "Privateer" - get to know him....

To his pleasure, the water company had not turned off the site yet, and the construction crew had left an old hose behind. Wiring her ankles wide to the ends of a horizontal pipe, he thoroughly cleaned her off -- paying particular attention to the golden strip between her legs -- as she squealed.

"Okay, okay," he said quietly, turning off the hose. "Enough foreplay. Now you find out what happens when you look the way you do, act the way you do, and dress the way you do...."

Grabbing the pipe up her front, he dragged her to her feet, then started pushing her toward the stairs.

"Come on, bitch," he urged. "Don't pretend you can't walk. I saw you running. I know how strong your legs are."

He slapped her on one firm, round, cheek, then grabbed the pipe between her shoulder blades.

By the time he propelled her into the first room to the right of the unfinished stairwell, he had the wires holding the pipe in her mouth loosened. Shoving her up against the wall beside the door, he continued to unknot the pipe gag as she tried to comprehend what was happening.

The only light came from the moon and distant street lamps. But it was enough to show her that she was in a small, plain, raw apartment. She stood near a small kitchenette, and an equally small living room loomed around her. A tiny bathroom was off in the corner and a bedroom area was through a door on the left wall.

Before her were two plain windows, their manufacturing stickers still on the panes. Through them she could see the large, non-landscaped yard area, the fence that encircled the site, the empty street, and some dark, quiet houses beyond. Everywhere inside those windows, the white of the ceiling tiles, plaster walls, and concrete floor hemmed her in like a prison cell.

"God, what a little sex bomb you are," he breathed, reaching into her mouth like he was searching for a pearl, digging out the pipe juncture.

Just as her jaw felt stronger, he was already stuffing pulpy padding deep into the orifice. It expanded in her mouth, filling her cheeks. She almost blurted in surprise, but before her teeth reopened, he followed it with light gray electrical tape, sealing her lips.

"Use it to keep wires in place," he grunted, pressing her lower face while gripping the back of her head. "Expands to fill a slot." He pressed harder, then harder still, sinking the tape into her skin. "That'll keep you quiet," he murmured, then started unknotting her from the pipes.

All that wire .... it was like the black trim of a microminidress, or a t-kini (t-shirt bikini) that had been tugged out of place. She grunted and gasped, seeing their reflection in the windows. Those shapely legs ... that tiny waist ... that tousled mane of silky yellow hair ... and all not even tall enough to come to his neck....

She saw his hulking form plucking at her, but stared at her tiny, shapely figure, her proud, strong, full breasts quaking with each tug and twist. And she stared into her own sweet face, mouth sealed behind a swath of glue, her bright blue eyes wide in wonder and dread.

He pulled the pipe from under her bound wrists and through her tight ass cheeks. Then he popped the other pipe from under her aching jaw, letting her breasts wobble and spread across her upper chest. For a moment he just stared at her as she stood unsteadily, her chest thrust out, wires still holding her elbows to her waist, tight under and over her buoyant tits....

Then her eyes seemed to clear as her leg muscles tightened. He had his arm around her waist as she tried hurling herself out the open doorway.

"Oh no you don't," he grunted, dragging her to the floor.

Her squeal was drowned by the packing and the tape, and then she was on the cold concrete, kicking, as he bore her down. His hand was squeezing her right tit as if trying to pop it, as his other hand was shoving at her left thigh. His body wedged between her legs and then she was under him, his forearm on her throat.

"Come on, beebee," he hissed. "This is why you were doing all that running, right?"

She felt his erection through his pants and then his hand was there, tearing down his zipper as the other fist tightened in her hair.

"There," he sighed. "That's more like it, huh?" He looked down at her flushed, sweating, stunned, enraged face as if impressed by how pretty she still was. "Yes," he said, grabbing her left tit while sliding his left arm under her neck. "Much better." Then he started rutting her on the dirty floor while grinding her breast as if turning up a "magic fingers" dial....

The sexy little blonde jogger lay there, bound more tightly and gagged more completely than she ever thought possible, getting raped by a total stranger. She stared up in shocked disbelief as the invasion went to work on her instincts.

"Been fucked before, huh?" he whispered, his hips not slowing. She realized he was looking at her, sneering wolfishly. "What, captain of the football team? Neighbor boy? Teacher?" He wrapped his arms under her shoulders and started humping harder. "God," he breathed, "no wonder. So warm...!"

Then he couldn't talk anymore -- animal grunts and carnal sounds of lust replacing words.

Her head went back, blonde hair scraping the floor. Yes, her prom date had fumbled inside her and a girlfriend had masturbated her, but none of it was like this. He was so big, so rough, so unrelenting ... this wasn't an exploration, it was an invasion, with wave after wave of attacker surging inside her with no pause.

No, she tried to shriek. This is what I was running from! But it was no use. Her five-foot-two, eyes-of-blue, little shape was crushed beneath him, his haunches forcing her weakened legs wide.

His cock was there, spreading her labia lips, and then he was inside her. She felt it, like a knobby truncheon surging up her. She contorted beneath him, trying to howl, but his hands were gripping her by the top of her head and over her gagged mouth.


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