THE LIBRARY: The Electrician Part 13

CONTINUED FROM HERE - This is a newly rewritten story, involving "Privateer" - get to know him....

Her head fell back, tears running out of her closed eyes, as she moaned in despair. Finally he grabbed her head in both hands and shook her with every other word. "Breathe, I said!" he spat in her face. "Breathe!"

She stared through him, then above him, babbling in desperation. But his smile widened as the muffled words grew softer and her eyes began to droop.

"That's it," he whispered. "Nice and deep...."

He watched as her eyes grew smoky and unfocused, and finally her eyelids fluttered, then closed.

"Perfect," he concluded, and laid her back into his van. Taking one last look at her defenseless physical perfection, the way her face was sealed, and the way her body was both displayed and entrapped, he zipped up the duffel, secured it inside, and scrambled to the driver's seat.

He drove out of his garage, nearly smashing into a patrol car blocking his driveway.

Jamming on the brakes, he spun around in the driver's seat.

"Hey!" he called to the two uniformed officers there. "I got a call to make!"

It was cloudy that morning, and the two cops took their time getting out of their squad car.

"Six o'clock in the morning?" the first one drawled, slowly putting his baton in its belt holder. "Why so early?

"You feel heat inside your walls and see what time you call me," the electrician said without hesitation. "The real question is, why are you guys blocking my driveway this early?"

The second one came up to the passenger window, shrugging. "Some detectives asked us to stop by," he said casually. "And we wanted to get it out of the way as early in our shift as possible."

"Those two guys last night?" the electrician said. "What else they wanna know?"

"Oh, nothing in particular," said the first cop. "They just don't want to do any more work than necessary...."

"...So they have us do all their dirty work," finished the second.

"Dirty work?" the electrician echoed. "Now what?"

"They forgot to check your garage," said the first cop. "Standard operating bullshit. Mind if we take a look?"

The electrician looked at the cops as if they were crazy, then shrugged. "I cooperated with them, I'll cooperate with you guys. But make it quick, okay? I don't want an electrical fire on my conscience."

They agreed and he reopened the automatic garage door. They asked him to open his car trunk, which he did. The bag with all Alissa's torn and cum-streaked clothes was now also housing her sleeping shape.

"Okay," said the second cop. "Could you open your van for us now, too?"

The electrician froze. "Oh, come on," he complained.

"Please, sir," said the first lazily. "If you got nothing to hide...."

"But I got it all organized!" he said.

"We won't mess anything up," said the second cop. "Promise."

"Oh, all right, all right!" the electrician spluttered, nervously going through his key ring. "But please make it fast."

"We promise," said the first cop, sidling up to the rear door as the electrician got it open.

The two cops looked at the mass of shelves, drawers, and bundles of wire inside, covering everything except a narrow strip of walkway in the very center of the floor. There they saw a long, green, motionless duffel bag.

"Mind if we open that?" asked the second cop. The electrician said nothing, a blank look on his face.

"Okay...," said the first, stepping up, leaning over, and unzipping the bag.

Both cops looked down at a selection of plastic and metal pipes.

"You a plumber, too?" asked the second, looking at the electrician with puzzlement.

"The way buildings are wired today, you've got to bunch each kind away from the others. Computer, phone, electrical...." He looked at the men pointedly. "Now may I go, please?!"

"Sure, sure," said the first cop hastily, oblivious of the second duffel bag in the shadows, against the side of the van, inside the locked cage that protected the drawers of fuses, beneath the lip of shelves that nearly went to the floor.

Both cops hastened to exit the vehicle, unaware that they stood not two feet away from an abducted, defiled girl, her nipples clamped, her cunt invaded, her limbs pinioned, her mouth stuffed, and a drugged cloth tainting her every breath.

The electrician smiled as he got behind the wheel, watching the patrol car roll away. The smile widened as he thought of his captive just inches from him. But the smile turned grim as he thought of how close it had been. If the cops hadn't been so lazy and disrespectful of each other...

The two thoughts battled for his attention as he drove out of town. It was so unfair. Alissa was still so savory and so eminently fuckable, it wasn't right that he be forced to dump her so soon. She was right there, right in back, unable to scream, fight, or run -- all the more luscious for his narrow escape from discovery. It wasn't fair!

He thought of her sweet face, tasty tits, and tight cunt as the buildings became trees and the sidewalks became grass. He thought of her squirming in his grip, trying to scream, as he fucked her. Her frightened, anguished expression filled his eyes until he finally noticed the bobbing heads passing by.

He blinked, looking at his rearview mirror. Young women were passing his van. In actuality, he was passing them. He blinked again, amazed. They all wore t-shirts, shorts, and sneakers, in variations thereof. Some had their hair in ponytails, some in pigtails, some swirled atop their heads, and some in buns. They were all jogging.