THE LIBRARY: The Audition Part 8

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

HOUSEGUEST..... Of course. She had been offered the demeaning role of the "beautiful girl with bad teeth."  She had turned it down, of course, but now she remembered seeing in the script the scene in which the star, trying to impersonate a dentist, covered his hands in liquid Novocain,thinking it was soap. It was real; the stuff was real, and it was now being smoothed over her entire jaw line....

Lydia felt its heat sinking deep into her flesh, caressing her jaw muscles, and unclenching them like a hypnotizing massage. "No," she tried to say again, but it came out as just so much mush as her cartilage seemed to unravel like unknotted rope.

Then the situation really got bad. Sweatpants suddenly gripped her under the arms and lifted her up like so many feathers. Coverall gave the canister back to Joyce,  then took the bound and gagged girl into his own arms as Sweatpants lay beneath her on his back. He began to masturbate as Lydia tried to yell.

Only her jaw wouldn't work. It hung there, amazingly, so that it even fell away from the bottom of the gap-filling ball. Drool poured over her flaccid lower lip, spilling out all over the thighs of Sweatpants.

"Oooo, baby, that's the way," he cooed, still firming his massive black dick, using the liquid like Vaseline.

Lydia squirmed in Coveralls' grip, her bent, bound legs swirling in the air as if they were the limbs of a paraplegic cut off at the knees. The heels of the severe shoes cut into the backs of her thighs and the air sluiced up between her legs and down her décolletage.

Then, suddenly, too quickly, they were lowering her onto him. To her shock, she felt his wide, thick shaft opening her vaginal lips. She tried to rebel, but there was absolutely nothing she could do—in her present state—against the law of gravity.

The cock crown was in her, and then the shaft started.

Lydia felt as if she were a damsel in a cliff-hanger. But instead of tying her to a log being circular-sawed, they were lowering her onto one, impaling her on it.

Then, despite the tranquilizer and sedative, she reared her head back and screamed, the sound being squeezed off into a high pitched squeal too high for almost anyone but a dog to hear.

It was in her, it was all the way in her...but it just kept going. Lydia's head was thrown all the way back, her neck stiff, every tendon bulging out. Her fingers gripped the air tightly, and all her muscles tensed.

She whined like an emergency broadcast signal, her nostrils flared and stayed there, and the drool coursed down her front like a coat of paint.

Then, finally, her knees touched the mattress on either side of Sweatpants' body. She didn't relax. She stood there, on her knees and high-heeled feet, stiff and erect.

"Now, come on baby," said Sweatpants, resting his big hands on her hips. Meanwhile Coveralls had reached around and unbuckled the ball gag. The silencer came out of her mouth like a baseball out of a lobbing machine. Her mouth hung open like a comedian doing an "amazement take."

Then Coveralls unclipped his outfit's other shoulder strap. His coveralls fell to the van floor. Another shaft filled Lydia's vision.

"Ungh, ungh," she gurgled, beginning to rear back. Sweatpants took that moment to bear down on her hips, forcing her down completely on his erection.

Lydia screamed silently, lurching forward. At the same moment, Coveralls aimed and thrust his cock into her open mouth.

The new log shot over and along her tongue as his hand raced around to the back of her head.

With a tug in unison, the two black men locked her to their members: one all the way inside her vagina, and the other all the way in her mouth and down her throat.

The agent giggled as he watched Lydia's torso turn this way and that, her beautiful hands grabbing at nothing. Madge smiled as she watched Lydia's eyes widen, then close, then widen repeatedly. Joyce nodded as Lydia gagged and choked and burbled and drooled around the fleshy obstruction.

Then Sweatpants began to move his hips rhythmically, still holding onto her. Then Coveralls filled his fingers with her silky blond hair and began to yank her head back and forth along his shaft.

The car continued on its slow, agonizing way through the car wash. No one noticed as it began to shake, faster and faster, on its industrial strength shock absorbers.

Lydia couldn't breathe. Her head was being yanked back and forth like a paddle ball. Coverall's cock was sliding in and out of her throat like machine gun bullets. Sweat pant’s cock was being rammed into her like a hydraulic press. Her breasts were shaking like jelly in an earthquake. She jerked on her bonds to absolutely no avail. She couldn't scream, she couldn't even pass out...!

Then cum filled her. Without any out Warning sign of their imminent ejaculations, the two black men, in unison, spurted an incredible amount of thick, gooey liquid into both her main orifices. She choked, she started to drown, and she recoiled from the repulsive intrusions. But it coated her insides, it coursed down her throat, and it shot into her cavities like thick, clotted cream.

She managed to make one sound: a combination of revulsion and shock. Then Coveralls' cock was out of her mouth and being shoved down her cleavage. Sweatpants was pushing her off his erection and shooting the remainder of his wad at her anus and up the back of the merry widow.

Then, laughing, the two lesbians leaped forward, engulfing the surging Lydia in their arms.