THE LIBRARY: Swimsuit Issue Part Ten

Swimsuit10SWIMSUIT ISSUE Part Ten
A “Lost” Tyler File Recently Recovered - CONTINUED FROM HERE

Tara lay on the sweat-soaked bed. She looked as if she had gone catatonic... the way her head lolled back...a boy’s cum drooling out of her mouth and across her face into her hair...more cum creaming her upper chest, neck, and chin... more cum coating her sides and stomach...and even more cum coating her insides.

      The senior was deep in conference with the persecutor off to the side, as the masturbated men played disbelievingly with Tara's tits and the boy was using his thumbs again to see if he could find out where the senior's ejaculation had gone.

Finally the senior browbeat the reluctant crone into submission, and he strode quickly toward Tara's lolling head.

"Quickly," he told the others, still holding his stiff, wet prick. "Fuck her."

They all looked up in surprise. "What did you say, cousin?"

"Fuck her, fuck her!" he snapped, waving toward the debilitated girl. "Each of you fuck her. Quickly. Hurry!" Then he waited impatiently as the persecutor scurried to kneel beside Tara's head and start working to dislodge the wooden ring gag.

Tara's eyes widened as her cunt was repenetrated, then blinked in disbelief as the crone forced her fingers into the beauty's mouth. With a grunt and near scream on one or the other's part, the wood ring finally snapped out. Before it even hit the floor, the persecutor's knife was at Tara's throat and words were being spat into her ear.

"She says don't bite," the senior translated curtly. "Or no one will ever find you." Then, grabbing her chin, he started forcing his large, wet, erect cock into her mouth.

Tara choked so badly that the senior had to pull his member from her lips, then waited angrily as the persecutor roughly grabbed Tara's scalp and slathered a coating of the ancient herbal muscle relaxant on the abused girl's throat.

"Why," Tara moaned in her little voice, "are you doing this to me?"

The senior laughed, then pushed his cock crown into her mouth again. To Tara's horror, her mouth muscles widened to accept the fetid intrusion. Although she gagged on the spunk-laden shaft, it moved across her tongue and down her throat like a train in a tunnel.

The senior jokingly told the persecutor what Tara had said before he plugged her mouth. From the corner of the mouth-fucked girl's eyes, she saw the persecutor having a surprising if she were shaken. She looked down at Tara just as the cousin came in her. She watched Tara's reaction to this new violation, then waited until the third man had plunged his cock up to its base in Tara's beaver. Then she started speaking.

"She asks 'You truly do not know?'" the senior said blankly, concentrating instead on Tara's humiliation and his own pleasure. "The birds, she says, are designed to that is what they must do. The fish, they are designed to swim, so that is what they must do. You come here...your suckling mounds not even covered...only your teats and very spurting hole removed from view...and you ask why? You show us your design. How could we not respond?"

He took a moment to savor the sensation riffling down his penis deep in her mouth. The persecutor, however, kept talking, looking into Tara's slowly widening, horror-deepening eyes.

"So...," the senior finally continued, his voice tightening, his thrusts getting more urgent. "You come here and say you do not know why we do this? Look at you. As clearly as the birds are designed to fly and fish swim, you are designed...for this!" Then he came into her mouth.

I think you have to choose to be a mentor and live a good existence for yourself and for the world at large.

—Tara Barnes

Making of the Bathing Suit Issue


Tara Barnes, of course, did not disappear forever. She did, in fact, appear on an evening talk show the day the Bathing Suit issue was released. She was, however, strangely subdued and relatively covered up on that program, considering the low-cut, miniskirted outfits she had worn on other shows and commercials. Even so, her appearance was considered a triumph by her doctors, who had expected her to cancel (considering what she had gone through).

But being who she was and realizing what she had done to foster her abduction, Ms. Barnes lived up to the magazine's publicity schedule, although she remains in therapy and seclusion to this day. Her security has been heightened and the publisher has agreed to an undisclosed settlement for their part in her captivity.

Thankfully, her therapists hope that she will be able to recuperate sufficiently to continue her modeling career and pursue a happy life—but only because she was found after being raped seven times (the persecutor's fist-fuck being an eighth violation).

The word "only" is used advisedly, of course, because the original "Plan" was to have Ms. Barnes service every adult male in the village. Further inquiry revealed that, although final decisions had yet to be made, Ms. Barnes would have been mummified with cloth, secured under a hay wagon, and transported to the next village, where her role of sexual vessel would have continued.

Apparently, the only reason Ms. Barnes did not suffer that fate was that someone in the magazine's hierarchy knew of a person who specialized in lost or stolen women. Knowing that official channels could be hopelessly clogged, resulting in untold damage to the magazine's reputation, immediate action was taken to secure Ms. Bank's release.

Witnesses told of a scarred Caucasian with a silver-topped cane who spoke fluently in the native tongue. He warned of a plague of death upon the village if the "curse of the sex slave" was not lifted immediately by the removal of her live and unharmed body from the vicinity.

That very evening, in fact, the village senior died in his sleep and a knife-carrying woman of the village was found dead at the base of a nearby cliff, apparently the victim of an unfortunate accident.

Ms. Barnes was found, sleeping naked in the bed of the hotel room she had originally been staying in, the very next morning.

A rudimentary check of her luggage found everything in for a black string bathing suit and a hot pink, polka-dotted bikini....