THE LIBRARY: Swimsuit Issue Part Seven

Swimsuit7SWIMSUIT ISSUE Part Seven
A “Lost” Tyler File Recently Recovered - CONTINUED FROM HERE

"You understand, enh?" the man grunted in her ear, insistently pulling at her boobs and jerking his hips incredibly fast. "Now you know what you are for...." Suddenly he reared up, dragging her torso with him.

She screamed in frustration as her face left the collaborating floor, then screamed again at the ceiling as he slammed one arm across her breasts, slapped the other hand across her forehead, crushed her to him, and exploded.

His cock erupted, the torrents of cum like oil in her cunt's fire. She surged up in his arms, writhing, as her own orgasm tried to tear the very nerves from her brain. The noise she made was unlike any either had ever heard.

And then she was face-first on the floor again, only this time her stupendous shape was prone and the senior was lying on top of her. They both panted heavily...then Tara began to rub her face across the floor like a wounded kitten.

The senior laughed. "You see? That is why you are here." And with that, he wrapped his arms around her waist, dragged her screeching form up, and threw her on the bed.

Tara slammed down sideways on the bed coverings, initially frightened that she had lost her chance, then astonished when the sudden movement caused her entire upper lip to pop from the cloth cover. Her eyes widened, and she immediately dropped her head stare upside down at the bedchamber window...which framed another man.

Tara started, shrieking in renewed fear. But the senior only looked up from her cunt, grimaced in mild irritation, and waved the younger, burlier man in.

The second man immediately vaulted inside and stared down at Tara's trembling body. She was scared that he would notice the gag's position and correct it, but all this man did was stare, as if hypnotized, at her heaving, naked chest.

And, without so much as a greeting, the senior gripped his own member, moved between Tara's weary thighs, and pushed the crown between her moist vaginal lips.

"Wahhhh...," the second man said in amazement, his eyes filled with the girl's boobs, and the girl's boobs only.

"Silence, cousin," warned the senior, momentarily distracted from the evening's second rape. "If the crones knew you were in here, there would be consequences."

"Ah, cousin," said the second man in a hushed tone. "You know I could not wait my turn. By the time she was brought to me, I would be an old man."

The senior smiled, remembering his demand earlier in the evening. "Yes, yes, and your desires are few, I know. Then be silent and partake of your pleasure."

Only then did the second man take his eyes off Tara's chest. "It will not disturb you?"

The senior shrugged, repositioned his cock between the girl's legs, and slid it all the way in her as she cringed. "You will not...."

That was all the encouragement the man needed. Nearly giggling, he climbed over the bed to sit on Tara's flat, firm, smooth stomach, yanking out his stiffened member and pushing it into her awesome mammary canal. She stared at him and then it, horrified, then quickly and forcefully dropped her head back again, letting her hair slap the floor and the cloth get tugged down even more.

A tuft of the cum-soaked padding appeared beneath her shining white front tooth.

Her mouth worked furiously as the senior moved his cock in and out of her, while his cousin mauled her breasts around his surging member.

Her full upper lip appeared...then her upper teeth...half the orifice clogging scarf...the muffling cloth moving down her cheeks....

But then the fucking genes were ignited and Tara moaned against her will, her head twisting with anguish against the wrought-iron bed frame.

"She loves it!" the cousin enthused, turning to the senior without loosing his grip on her orbs.

"Hush," the senior grunted, thrusting faster, his member becoming hot and engorged again. "You must be quick!"

They both started pushing in earnest, Tara gargling as her body was vigorously churned on the bed. It was helping...the scarf was being shaken from her wide-open mouth...!

Then the cloth was across her chin.

Then the senior detonated his cum inside her again.

Then the scarf was vaulted from her mouth.

Then she raised her head to scream.

Then the cousin accidentally came in her wide-open, air-sucking mouth.

It happened so fast, no one was quite sure what had occurred. One moment, Tara's mouth was wide open and ready to yell; the next, gobs of mucous-laden cream plugged the orifice, slapping the back of her throat, choking her.

Tara's scream for help was drowned to a coughing, crying wail.

The next moment, bodies erupted from the bed and through the curtains.

The cousin leaped off her writhing form and dove out the window. The senior fell on top of Tara, his hands slapping her working mouth. And the crones stampeded in.

One gathered up Tara's kicking legs. One balled up her swinging hair, and shoved it into her spitting, working, struggling, open mouth.


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