THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Twenty

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

The sink counter was covered with lotions, which felt like extra-thick honey to the girl in her drug-frenzied state. So she teetered on baby-blue stiletto high heels, her legs otherwise unencumbered, and clamped down with her vaginal muscles.  "That's right," Agnes cooed. "Suck it up. Massage it with your love canal...."

Leesa swallowed, shifting, trying to think beyond the ache in her shoulders and back, and the numbing roar in her chest. "Please," she tried to say but nothing but bubbling mulch came out.

"It's slipping," Agnes announced, watching the dildo slide slowly out of Leesa's stretched, aching lower lips. "Try harder...."

Leesa slobbered, trying to shift into a better position, but the thick, knobby, vibrator just kept dropping."Oh dear," Agnes said sadly, then snapped the back of the toothbrush directly onto the center of Leesa' left tit.

It felt like someone had chopped it open. Leesa shrieked into the gag, but Agnes was already holding a towel over her lower face. Her body convulsed, the dildo all but stopping up into her as her muscles clamped. Agnes smiled wickedly at the way her flushed, infused, breasts wobbled like oil balls in an earthquake.Then she merely reached down and pushed the wanker all the way back into the girl.

"My dear, my dear, my dear," Agnes cooed. "I do believe you're ready."

And before Leesa could even understand the words, Agnes removed the towel from her sweating, tear-stained face, and switched on the vibrator at its base.

Leesa's crystal blue eyes snapped wide, and she was about to try stepping back when the woman tapped the girl's right tit with the loofa. Leesa stiffened again, then started to tremble with effort and invasion.

Agnes grabbed Tom's electric shaver off the sink counter and moved in close so the girl couldn't even fall over. With one hand she held the vibrator deep within the girl, while, with the other, she thumbed on the shaver.

"You have to be ready, you see," she murmured down at the girl as she brought the shaver closer to her quivering nipples. "Ready for my boy. You have to be able to take whatever he dishes out...."

Then she pressed the shaver side against Leesa's left breast as she shoved the dildo as far in as it could go. She clamped her hand over Leesa's lower lips as if they were her mouth, and tickled her tit with the shaver's silver screen.

The young blonde babbled hysterically, her bent-back body quavering, blinded by a bodyful of exploding fireworks.

Then the doorbell rang.

Tom Brannigan looked up from Kerry Sherman's cum-splattered face in the attic, semen dripping from her ring-gagged mouth.

Agnes immediately pressed a folded bath towel over Leesa's screaming face in the master bathroom.

Without waiting for another ring or a knock, the ex-girls' gym teacher expertly punched Leesa in the solar plexus, knocking the air out of the girl, then felt for the vein on her neck.

Within seconds the girl had stopped struggling and was already sinking toward the floor as the base of the towel rack slid with her. The dildo dropped to the carpet with a wet thud.

Agnes was already in the hall as Tom turned the corner.

"Go," he said, and practically jumped into their bedroom. Agnes was on her way to the back door, secure in the knowledge that the male ex-nurse, who had taught her the vein press trick, would make sure the girls were quiet. She did not even guess that as she approached the back door, that he was already untying Leesa from the towel rack, ripping off his clothes, and dragging her insensible shape toward the shower, the high heels falling off as they went.

As she opened the door, Tom was viciously rewrapping Leesa's wrists together behind her with tape.