THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Twenty-Six

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

Agnes Brannigan opened the attic door. For a split second, she almost had a heart attack when her eyes took in what was happening within. But just a split second afterwards, she relaxed, folded her arms across her chest, and leaned on the attic doorway. Kerry Sherman still hung from a rafter by her tied wrists...
The wide leather prod gag Agnes had glued and strapped to her face was still in place. The tight summer dress was still barely hanging onto her great body by a single button. The five inch granny heels were still laced on her feet.
The only major difference was now Sheriff Jim was gripping her tight, round rump with both hands and trying to shove his cock all the way up inside her. Agnes watched as their squirming bodies bumped the uprights on either side. That was what had been making the thunking sound.
Agnes glanced over at Trooper Wallace, who stood off to the side, sipping a cup of coffee as the brunette moaned, whinnied, grunted, and choked – just barely dodging the policeman’s incursion.
“M’am,” he said quietly without taking his eyes off the girl’s contortions.
“Trooper,” Agnes replied. “Been here long?”
He took another sip before answering. “Nope. Just got here.”

The two watched for a few seconds longer as the sheriff struggled to nail the young beauty while she managed to slide, pull or twist her shining, sweating shape away from his invasion. “Her folks should’ve never shown us that photo of her,” he mused. “Got us pretty hard pretty quick.”
“How’d you know she was here?”
The trooper shrugged. “Figured. We couldn’t see her, but the scent of a sweet young thing was in the air. No offense, m’am, but that sure wasn’t your perfume. We were expecting to sneak back and open up every box stashed here, but you must’ve hung her back up after we left last time, huh?”
Agnes didn’t answer, thinking it was obvious. Instead, she said: “No offense taken. Pretty sharp.” She stared at the sheriff’s machinations for a scant few seconds more. “You know, he’s never going to nail her that way.”
Trooper Wallace considered it. “No?”
“Naw,” Agnes said, shaking her head. “You never should’ve undone her legs. You need some balast for that kind of angle.”
The trooper considered it for a few seconds more, then stepped toward the sheriff. “Just a second, Jim,” he said mildly, setting his coffee down on a box beside the suspended girl. Agnes admired the deft way he expertly corded the girl’s knees, then tied them wide to the book-ending uprights.
Kerry Sherman’s deep, rich eyes widened in even greater fear as her girlhood was now totally exposed to the two officers. Trooper Wallace merely circled her small, glorious form before tapping the sheriff on the arm. “Go take the rear,” he advised. “Let me show you how it’s done.”
Agnes was concerned that the sheriff might take exception to that, but to her relief, the man merely smiled and slipped behind the petrified girl. His right hand immediately found her smooth, warm hip, while his left circled over her gagged mouth, drawing her head inexorably back. Trooper Wallace nonchalantly picked up his coffee with his right hand while unzipping his pants with his left.
Agnes watched in silent amazement as the sheriff’s cock crown found the Sherman girl’s ass crack. The trooper’s hard-on stabbed between the girl’s vaginal lips like a tonfa sliding into a scabbard.


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