THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Twenty-One

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

Agnes looked out to see their local sheriff behind a state trooper.

"Why, good afternoon, Jim," she said pleasantly. "And now who's this?" she asked about the other man.

Upstairs, her husband pulled the elastic straps which were around the bases of each of Leesa's tits to wrap both her breasts at once -- pressing them toward each other while still bulging them out.

"This is Sergeant Wallace," said the local cop. "We've teamed up with the state to look for the missing Sherman girl." Upstairs Tom wedged Leesa into the tub, pulled the shower curtain tightly shut, and turned both spigots all the way open.

"Oh dear," Agnes clucked. "You still haven't found the poor thing?"

"Uh, no" stammered Jim. "Is your husband at home?"

She smiled apologetically, motioning her head toward the distant sound of the running water. "In the shower, I'm afraid. He likes to be neat and clean for the dinner rush."

Upstairs, Leesa Mendaski's lovely blue eyes began to flutter as the powerful water coursed over her semi-naked body. Tom Brannigan clamped one hand hard over Leesa' already gagged mouth, and the other sank deep into her tremendous left tit.

The flesh of her face and chest bulged under his brutal grip. As her eyes snapped open and her brow began to furrow in renewed dismay, he bent down on her, forcing her forward.

"Yes, well, I see," said trooper Wallace. "Well, could we come in for a moment?"

Upstairs Tom had Leesa bent over. His erect cock was already curling unerringly toward her dildo-dewed crack. Leesa almost managed a scream into his hand before she gasped in pain as he slammed into her. His hand spasmed on her mouth even tighter and it felt as if her left tit would explode.

"Well, all right," Agnes said carefully. She opened the door wide and motioned for the two men to sit down in the rustic living room -- a room where hardly a day ago they had been attacking the missing girl. The officers sat comfortably and looked a bit uncomfortably at each other. "Would you like some coffee?" Agnes inquired as her husband maniacally fucked Leesa Mendaski one floor above them.

He was thudding all the way into her like a piston, all but crushing her mouth and pumping her tit like a bread machine. The pretty blond choked and gasped, whatever noise emerging from her throat totally drowned out by the coursing water.

"Sure," said Trooper Wallace. "That would be fine."

"Could I have a glass of your ice tea?" Jim inquired. "They make it great here," he explained to the state trooper.

Leesa' tortured eyes twisted to try looking back at her attacker, her cheeks bulging around her impossibly tight hand. All she could do was grunt in time to his thudding invasions, her mind filled with the screeching pain coming from her chest. She writhed, feeling something worse building up inside her tit.

"Why, certainly, Jim," Agnes said pleasantly. "One ice tea coming up. Um, Sgt. Wallace?"

"Yes, ma'm?"

"What would you like in your coffee?"

"Milk, ma'm," he replied. "Just milk."

Watery milk sprayed from Leesa's engorged tit like a super soaker. She squealed in agony from under the gag and hand, but Tom only felt the vibration against his palm as the lactose swirled away with the bath water. He just kept squeezing and ramming, squeezing and ramming....