THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Twenty-Nine

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

Leesa’s big blue eyes widened and widened. Her body began to tremble, then shudder, then shake. She started to thrash and try to scream so desperately that he had to clamp a drug-soaked pad over her face that his father had left on the bedside table.

He held it there until she started to still, leaving her there to sob softly as he called his folks up to make ready.

Then the preparations started, a car sped out of town along the same road where Kerry Sherman had supposedly walked into town.

“Isn’t that the Sherman car?” Sheriff Jim asked, watching from the town’s favorite speed trap spot.

“Yep,” said Trooper Wallace from behind the wheel.

They both stared as the Sherman woman looked out her window and saw them. She stared at them. They stared back until the car disappeared in a cloud of road dust.

“I’m fairly certain they’re exceeding the speed limit,” said the sheriff.

“Yep,” said the trooper. “I reckon.”

“I wonder,” said the sheriff. “Should we stop ‘em? Just for their own safety?”

Trooper Wallace seemed to consider it. “Naw,” he finally decided. “Let ‘em go this time. Especially after all they’ve been through.” At that moment Kerry Sherman’s hands clutched his shirt front. “Now, there, there,” he soothed, carefully pulling her fingers from the cloth and forcing her arms back down to the side of her back. Once again he marveled at the smoothness of her flesh and her youthful shape. Once again he was impressed by the strength of her struggle. Once again he appreciated the power of his handcuffs. Once again he exulted in the tight moisture of her cunt.

He was forcing her to sit on his erection. But her body was pulled down to the side and Sheriff Jim, in the passenger seat, had her lustrous, full, thick mane in his hands, forcing her to give him head, thanks to a dental device Andy Brannigan was kind enough to loan them. Her big toes were wired, wide, to the seat slats.

The girl gurgled and choked and drooled and jerked between them…all under the dashboard ledge, out of sight of any passer-by.

“That’s right,” the sheriff cooed. “That’s good. You just keep sucking and licking, babe, and you might get off with good behavior.”

“Cell ready?” Trooper Wallace asked breathlessly as he lowered her haunches onto his shaft again.

“You bet,” the sheriff grunted. “In back. All the restraints in place.”

“Good,” Wallace sighed, holding her clawing hands down low as he bounced her on him intently. “I’ll want to have plenty of time with this one when things slow down.”

The sheriff gasped manfully at a particular good shift of his cock into her cheek. “Why not take all day with her now?” Jim managed to get out as he firmly kept her head from lurching back up.

“Can’t,” Wallace grunted, suddenly grabbing her hip bones and thrusting like mad. “Got to answer a call. The Mendaskis just reported their daughter missing.”

Sheriff Jim came in Kerry Sherman’s mouth.

He then held her down until Trooper Wallace finished. Then the straps came out again. The sheriff chatted merrily as she was reconstricted.


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