THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Twenty-Four

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

It took only nano-seconds for Andy’s amazed expression to morph into a leering grin. It was almost as if his daily fantasies for the last sixty months had taken living shape right before him. His eyes went from her pleading face to her writhing body to her jutting chest. Her tits’ undersides gleamed while her nipples slowly dripped.

He glanced at his father. “Lactaid?” His father nodded slightly and the boy’s eyes, flashing, returned to the captive girl. “Oh, man, oh man,” he whispered, stepping forward. The girl cringed as his free hand slid over her left breast as naturally as if he were testing a supermarket cantaloupe. “What’s the matter, Leesa?” he asked huskily, slowly squeezing, “Gag got your tongue?”

She tried to scream then…to beg, plead, reason, explain, and promise, but the packing, plug, and padding rendered it all just so much steam.

“Too late for that now, baby,” he seethed, half massaging and half mauling her chest. While feeling the exceptional sensation, he glanced down between her legs. Her soft tuft seemed to glow. “Stick her?” he asked flatly.

There was a telling pause before his mother replied. “We got her ready for you, sonny.”

“How long you have her?”

“A few days,” his father admitted. “But…!”

“No matter,” he interrupted, making the girl cringe as his hand spasmed. The student looked around quickly. The beautiful young co-ed here, against her will, for a few days? They’d have had to keep her quiet indeed. His smile slowly widened. “Stuck, maybe,” he mused, “but you sure couldn’t have used the pie hole….”He brought up his other hand while never pausing in his kneading.

The girl’s eyes widened in dread as she saw the small medical bag he held. “Didn’t my folks tell you what I’m studying?” he asked quietly.

Only then did he leave her chest alone long enough to wrench open the satchel. He shoved the opening in her face. “Dentistry.”  He then looked meaningfully at his father. “Watch how it’s done, old man.”

The tube of seemingly luminescent blue gel came out first. Snapping on a rubber glove, he screwed a syringe-like plastic needle onto its top, slipped it under the top of her gag, and squeezed it across her mashed down lips. He then squeezed some onto his gloved fingers and started rubbing it into her lovely neck.

 His parents watched, practically feeling the way it grew warm, then tingly, numbing her muscles. They could see it all in her eyes and her facial expression as it quickly did its work. “Anesthetic analgesic,” the student corroborated. “Numbs the area while rendering the patient somnolent.” He grinned. “The better to root canal.”

He slathered the stuff across her throat and jaw, then carefully removed the glove and stepped back to join his folks for the show. Leesa’s face showed surprise, then her eyes began to grow smoky and her lips drooped. Then they widened as drool began to burble up and over the top of her crushing gag.

“That’s the cue,” Andy said, moving forward to unstrap, untie, and unbuckle the muzzle. His father joined him, and they marveled at the way it slipped out and dropped off, swept by a veritable babbling brook of liquid. Agnes even saw a momentary look of embarrassment cross Leesa’s visage as the poor girl tried to control her lower face. She watched as the blonde struggled desperately to talk or yell or cry for help, but it was as if she had become a gorgeous slack-jawed dipsomaniac.

“Hold her head,” Andy said. His father didn’t have to be told twice. He grabbed her scalp and chin, drinking in the soft, quivering beauty of her sweet, slack, working lips, as his son wrenched a dentafrice from his bag. Everyone recognized it, even though they didn’t know what it was called. It looked like a metal version of a shark’s jaws, and worked somewhat the same.

Within moments, two pieces of metal were in the girl’s mouth, clamping over her teeth. Then, with just a few quick twists and turns, the dental student had pried open Leesa’s lips to their widest aperture…and then some millimeters more, until her jaw was the widest it had ever been.