THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Twenty-Five

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

“Blue shit loosens the muscles, too,” Andy said quietly as the family members looked at each other with anticipation. “She’d be able to swallow a boa constrictor now….”

As they stood, the bound and newly gagged girl’s head raised and fell back, a tiny, frightened wail beginning to emerge just before the father, mother, and son moved in on her again.

Agnes Brannigan didn’t even hear the first thump, so intent was she on her husband and son’s pleasure. By that time,

Tom was seated beneath the girl, her lax legs on either side of him, his erection impaling her moist crack. He held her up by her voluminous breasts… the better for her to take Andy’s cock all the way into her pried-open mouth. The student had her head in his hands as he thrust into her face over and over again, his log coursing down her tongue and throat.

Her wrists were tied behind her and her ankles lashed to the chair legs, but it hardly mattered. The blue gel had been spread on her thighs as well. Tom almost slapped it on her tits, too, but his son stopped him at the last second.

“Oh no, dad,” he said with a smile. “We want her to feel that, don’t we?”

So the enchanting blonde sat, mouth and cunt fucked, her chest mauled, as Andy’s parents told him the tale of her abduction and captivity.

“So her folks don’t even know she’s missing?” he asked.

“Don’t think so,” Tom grunted, shoving himself up into her again. “That’ll teach you to drop out, bitch.”

“Oh no, dad,” Andy cooed with pleasure. “She’s no bitch. She’s a lovely, fresh, young girl.”

He looked down at her flaxen, thick, silky hair, her bulging breasts, her long, shapely legs, and the way her body filled the rubber spandex. “And that’s what makes this all the better,” he concluded as he pushed his cock all the way into her slavering mouth again.

This time the thunking noise from above caught Agnes’ attention. At first she thought it might be a visitor thumping on the wall for the owners’ attention. Maybe their call bell didn’t work or the Brannigans didn’t hear it. That wasn’t impossible under the circumstances.

But now that she was paying attention, she heard that it wasn’t coming from the guest rooms. It was coming from the attic….

The woman left without a word to her family. She didn’t have to speak. They were completely occupied. In fact, on her way down the hall, she heard them talking.

“That’s right, pop,” Andy was saying. “Milk that maid…!”

“Well, I’ll tell you boy,” Tom was replying, “you sure taught your daddy a thing or two…!”

Well, isn’t that nice, the woman thought. She was doubly gratified that she heard virtually no noise emerging that evidenced a captive, save for the distant wet, sopping sounds of vaginal and oral sex. Maybe a gasp or two, but that may have been her imagination.

Instead, she concentrated on the thumping from above. It didn’t concern her unduly, yet it was still annoying. The Sherman girl should have known better by now. What was the best she thought would happen? At the very least, a visitor would alert the landlords, and the landlords would investigate. Then she knew what her punishment would be….

Oh well, Agnes shrugged. Desperation made for recklessness. The silly little girl wanted their attention? She would get their attention…just like the attention they had been giving her from the moment she appeared in their doorway in her t-shirt and cut-offs. No doubt Andy would want the blonde‘s cunt all to himself in just a few minutes…then Tom would have plenty of time to see what Kerry Sherman could handle….