THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Twenty-Eight

Rebound28REBOUND Part Twenty-Eight {CONTINUED FROM HERE}
{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

They both stared out between the bed’s headboard slats – him with a leer and her with despondency -- to a small window lined with lubricant and bondage paraphernalia that looked down onto the yard.

There, Trooper Wallace and Sheriff Jim stood next to their patrol car, talking to the Shermans.

As the trooper explained things, the sheriff looked up. His eyes locked with Andy’s, whose face was just visible over the window ledge. The student smiled and waved. The sheriff returned his attention to the discussion.

“I read,” the Sherman woman said shakily, “that if a missing person isn’t found within 48 hours….”

“Now, don’t torture yourself,” her husband interrupted. “I know these men will do everything they can.”

“Yes, sir,” Sheriff Jim assured them, resting his hand on their patrol car trunk.

Inside, for the hundredth time, Kerry Sherman tried to scream. She tried to kick. She tried to thump her head against the side of the enclosure. She even tried to scratch. But they had been too smart for her.

She wore a lace-up merry-widow corset with whale boning. On her lower legs was a single lace-up boot, which imprisoned everything from her shins to her toes. It was then strapped to a bolt in the padded compartment. Her legs were bent double and strapped. Her body was bent double and strapped.

Likewise her arms were encased behind her in a brutally laced single glove, also tightly strapped to the padded floor. She was blindfolded by some sort of rubber latex that adhered to her eyes like thick paint – actually outlining her closed lids as if she were a sculpture. And the gag…the gag was four-fold: stuffing her mouth and cheeks, padding her lips, sealing her jaw, and clamping around her throat so she could only get enough air for breath.

Her beautiful, thick, brown hair fanned back around the subjugation, creating the final restraint.

It was tightly tied to yet another three bolts in the cushioned trunk floor, holding her head down firmly. She could hardly breathe, let alone speak…but she tried. Oh, how she tried…! In here, she tried to shriek. I’m in here!

“You can count on it,” Sheriff Jim finished telling her parents, not three feet away. “We will do everything we can…and more….”

Upstairs, Andy came into Leesa for the umpteenth time since he got home, tightening his grip on her mouth and throat so her long, agonizing moan of anguish wouldn’t reach the window. He had taken her on the floor after his father had finished, his old man’s cock in her mouth. By then the blue gel was wearing off, so they took turns stuffing her mouth before sealing it with black tape.

In the still of the night, as his father made his good-byes to the Sherman girl, Andy changed his “date’s” gag, and prepared for the new day. Only when he had been able to spurt the last drop of jism into her did he collapse down to murmur in her ear. “Oh, baby, isn’t this wonderful? Only one thing could make it perfect….” And then he started to whisper.


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