THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Three

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

She moaned in fear and agony, but not just from that. Her arms were behind her, her elbows touching, her hands facing each other. Her elbows and wrists were cinched with rubber-coated electrical wire, then black electrical tape. A rope also wrapped her wrists, holding them between her firm, round ass cheeks, the cord also wrapping her hips.

Her long, shapely legs were bent double, each shin viciously tied to each thigh, a rope going from the wire and tape to the deep instep in the high heels, holding them on her contorting feet. She writhed in anguish, seemingly despite herself. She only stilled when she heard their footsteps approaching.

Tom stood on no ceremony, walking right up and kneeling beside her sleek, luscious form. "Welcome back, Leesa," he said mildly, her body twitching as his hand rested on her lovely hip. "Let me guess. Homesick, huh? First time away too much for you? I know how it is." He let his hand start to trace the contours of her body as she stiffened, not even breathing. From Agnes' vantage point, she noticed the girl's brow grow damp with sweat.

"You always were the impetuous one," Brannigan continued, his hand feeling the groove of her waist. "Couldn't just call or visit, huh? Had to pack up, didn't you?"

The girl tried to talk then, but all they heard were mangled moans.

"Ssh, shh, ssh," Brannigan hushed soothingly, his other hand lowering to rest on her thigh. The girl groaned in dread, her body beginning to shudder. "Don't worry, don't worry," he continued. "Nothing's going to happen to you. We just want to keep you nice and safe, that's all."

Leesa started to babble and squirm away. The man motioned to his wife, and she came quickly over to hem the girl in once more. "Now, now," Agnes chided. "This is how it all started, remember?"

The girl froze in place, sweat beginning to make her t-shirt transparent. She made a sound that both recognized as their son's name.

"That's right," he intoned. "Ben. All he wanted to do was cop a little feel. You didn't have to start screaming and crying like that."

The girl tried to sit up or roll away, shrieking hysterically into the brutal gag. The married couple held her down easily.

"Yes, yes," the wife said soothingly. "We know it was years ago. It'll be all right. Don't worry, it'll be all right...."

Now calm down, calm down," the man chided casually. "This is the very reason we did this to you. Because we knew you'd get all bent out of shape."

The girl stilled, quivering.

"That's better," the man said. "Now do you understand?"

"You tried to get him in trouble," the woman chimed in, her hand caressing the leather tight over the girl's mouth. "That's why we had to gag you."

"You ran away," the man added, gripping her thigh. "You can't do that now."

"You slapped my boy," Agnes said, gripping her shoulder. "Not  again."

"If only you had been a good sport!" the man whined drily. He then gripped her left breast through her thin shirt and squeezed as if trying to make juice.

Leesa screamed in violation, her body taut as a bow. The binds and gag swallowed it up like mud.

"There," said the man casually, now caressing the breast like a sleeping pet. "Now was that so bad?" He ignored how the girl's body was wracked with sobs and kept calmly kneading her chest. "Really...."


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