THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Thirty-One

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

Leesa Mandaski’s exquisite body convulsed as tears exploded from her eyes and sweat beads erupted from every pore. She wanted to fall but Andy had clinched her in his arms and rolled to the floor with her.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” said the man over his son’s laughter and his captive’s anguished squeals. “I now pronounce you man and bondage bride/sex slave….”

The in-laws looked down on the “happy couple” as their son ripped off their wailing daughter-in-law’s virginal panties while grinding her left breast as if kneading dough.

“I love happy endings,” Tom murmured.

“I always cry at weddings,” said Agnes.

They sat on the sofa and watched with pleasure as Andy brutally fucked his writhing bound and gagged bride on their living room floor.

Naturally blonde, blue-eyed, 5'7", 110 lb. Leesa Mendaski (36D-23-34) was abducted by the parents of the boy she "broke the heart of" five years before. She has been forcibly married to the young dental school graduate just as her own parents start a search for her.  Meanwhile, the secretly sadistic in-laws have seen their second victim - 5'3", 97lb., brown-eyed brunette Kerry Sherman (34D-22-33) – get bartered as an incarcerated sex slave to the local law.


The all-points radio crackled to life in the rustic private living room in the back of the inn by the lake, causing Tom and Agnes Brannigan to start slightly in their chairs.

“Uhhhh,” came the laconic, calm drawl of Sheriff Jim over the short wave, “Ten-zero, ten-zero, good buddy, a ten-fourteen, investigating a ten-fifty-seven, two-oh-seven, two-sixty-one at scene, I repeat at scene. E.T.A. ten or less. Advise eleven-forty-eight, I repeat eleven-forty-eight with eleven-fifty-one. N.C.B., out.”

The ex-gym teacher and ex-nurse exchanged a meaningful look and were instantly on their feet – Tom heading for the garage while Agnes headed back to their sleeping quarters. They didn’t even bother checking to see if the message was meant for them. They had no doubt.

Agnes opened her son’s room door without preamble, her mouth already open, but the sight that greeted her rendered her temporarily mute.

The mute was shared by Leesa, but not the temporarily. Her beautiful, buoyant breasts spilled out of the deep-v-neck of the white spandex halter micro-mini-dress as she was forced to sit on her new hubby’s hard-on in their bridal bed.

His hands were on her haunches, the white skirt’s hem pushed up to the top of her svelte hips. Her white-opera-gloved hands fluttered and twisted high up her back, held by the white handcuffs which were clipped to the short white leather strip which hung from the white leather collar enclosing her elegant neck. Her lovely long legs were encased in white thigh-high stockings, ending in white, five-inch ankle-strap high heel pumps. Her ma-in-law was hard pressed to decide what was “best,” but she decided it had to be her daughter-in-law’s face.

Not only was it as sweet, fresh, and angelic as ever – especially since her big wet blue eyes were wide and her silky mane of naturally blonde hair was so full and soft – but it was obvious she was in so much torment and was trying so desperately hard to scream.

But the jaw-and-mouth-cupping gag that was clamped from her throat to her nostrils was obviously doing its brutal work – evidenced by the way the poor girl’s drool was burbling over the top and coursing down her collarbones and front to splash on her bobbing, jiggling tits.


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