THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Thirty-Nine

REBOUND Part Thirty-Nine {CONTINUED FROM HERE}Rebound39 {This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

They both knew her parents were more cautious than instinctive. If she made enough noise to alert them, they would investigate. And Andy would be waiting. After what the Brannigans had done to her, and that other poor girl, what would they do to her folks?

Wait … yes … that other poor girl … the pretty little brunette. What had the cops done to her? Even if her folks managed to call the cops…!?

 She wore a tan, two-piece hooker’s ensemble: a belted micromini just barely holding onto her hips, and a matching bikini top filled with both her strong, full breasts as well as Sheriff Jim’ mauling hands.

In her own bedroom across town, beautiful, young, wholesome Leesa Mendaski stiffened in place, his hands tight, humiliated, fists. She stayed still and silent, praying that her parents didn’t check her old room, even out of wistful nostalgia.

Behind her, unseen, Andy Brannigan smiled, and his hold on her magnificent tits tightened.



Naturally blonde, blue-eyed, 5'7", 110 lb. Leesa Mendaski (36D-23-34) has been kidnapped, forced to marry the boy she "broke the heart of" five years before, smuggled out of his family’s home, then held captive in her own room under the very noses of her parents. A second victim -- 5'3", 97lb., brown-eyed brunette Kerry Sherman (34D-22-33) – remains an incarcerated sex slave in a solitary confinement cell for the local corrupt cops.

 Leesa Mendaski woke up when the bandages affixing her thighs snapped open. She started, becoming immediately aware of sounds coming from the kitchen below.

The light coming in the bedroom window made her instantly aware that it was early morning. Then she felt her assaulter’s hand at her shapely, smooth, haunches.

Her arms were still bandaged parallel across her back. She still wore what was left of her favorite nightgown, if anyone could call it that now. Torn, ripped, slit, mangled, bits of lace, spandex, and nylon clung to her now like sweat – somehow making her seem more than naked.

She looked apprehensively over her shoulder to see Andy Brannigan smiling wickedly at her.

He silently mouthed the words “morning, bitch,” then put his forefinger to his lips. She shook her head anxiously, her legs stretching involuntarily, causing the bedsprings to quietly squeak. His hands were instantly on her throat, making her freeze in fear.

They both waited, holding their breaths, but the sounds from below went unchanged. Only after a few more moments did he loosen his grip, then very slowly, very purposefully, slither to spoon her luscious form, his arms wrapping her front like two boa constrictors. Then she felt his teeth at her earlobe and his cock crown at her labia. She almost moaned then, but managed to deflect it into a silent exhalation, her nostrils flaring.

His hands gripped her chest and his cock opened her lower lips like a smooth-sided satchel. Leesa snorted again, gritting her teeth. Only then did she feel how saturated the bandage covering her mouth was.

He slid inside her as she stiffened, her fingers clawing the air.

Both his penis and fingers began to move in silent, measured, inexorable rhythm -- as if he were her secret boyfriend and they were trying to keep her parents from finding out she was having sex.

Only now, of course, her collaboration was outrageously, ashamedly, enragingly unwilling, and his defilement of the innocent, victimized natural blonde was perversely wicked in the extreme. But no one outside that room knew it, and he just kept fucking and molesting her cringing, trembling form for what seemed like hours.

Then they both heard it: “Goodbye, dear…I’ll be back as soon as I can….” It was her father. Leesa started when she heard the back door slam – distracting her from the fact that her rapist had pulled out at the same moment.

The bound and gagged blonde glanced over her shoulder at the exact moment Andy came in her face. The semen splattered across her nose and into her eyes just as he grasped her throat and pressed down on her with his torso.



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