THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Sixteen

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

Agnes had lifted her off the impaling pole, but she had done it by the waist of the new corset. Between that and the noose, the blonde could barely breathe. Normally 34-23-33, the red monstrosity made her 36-21-32, her legs appearing all the longer for it, and her breasts bulging out the sides of the demi-cups which held onto them like a clamp.

Pushing Kerry onto the floor, Tom immediately had his pocket knife out and snapped the noose wire. Leesa all but dropped into his arms, and he all but dipped her onto the cushioned bench, back-first. Both the husband and wife went to work on her without a word, both knowing instantly what was to be done.

Within minutes, Leesa's eyes began to blink instead of flutter, and she realized she was laying on the banquette, her legs dangling over one end from the knees down, and her head dangling over the other, her flaxen mane sweeping the floor. Her ankles were tied to the bench's legs, her knees wide. Her arms were up over her head, her wrists together, pulled back behind her head and affixed to the bench's legs there.

Her waist was roped to the bench and more cords secured her torso over and under her breasts. She realized that between the position, the bondage, and the corset, her chest was bulged and thrust as high as they would ever go, her nipples like two pointers at the ceiling.

She tried to raise her head to see them, but there was a tearing pain at the sides of her mouth. When her vision and mind cleared she realized she was gagged with rope deep between her teeth, which was then wrapped around the settee legs nearest her neck. She tried to complain but all that came out was a lisping, wet, groan of pain. She blinked again and the upside-down images of her two captors' faces swam into view.

"All better now, dear?" Agnes asked sweetly. "That's good, because we need you at your best for this." She held up her hands. In one was a med-bottle. In the other was a syringe.

Leesa started to panic, but all the old woman did was walk away from her head to kneel by her side. Leesa's panic was distracted for only a moment when the man knelt by her. He had no pants on and his cock pointed at her accusingly.

"Now don't worry," he said soothingly, one hand cradling her chin as the other reached over to massage her left breast. "This won't hurt much. It's actually quite therapeutic, I'm told."

69/Leesa started to wrench her body when she felt her nipples being swabbed with cold liquid. "Now, now," Tom said with added steel, gripping her shoulder.
"You see this?" Agnes said tightly, bringing the syringe down into Leesa's view. "It's sharp as a razor, thin as a hair. If you stay still, it'll be fine. But if you move...."

Leesa froze in place, blinking, her eyes getting wet.

"Come now, dear," Tom urged, caressing her face again. "You know we're saving you for our boy. You know we wouldn't do anything to hurt you...."

Tears poured from the blonde's blue eyes, blinding her.

"It's just a little number called Lactaid, honeybunch," Tom explained as his wife loaded it up from the med-bottle. "The pea-titted girl's best friend. We just used it in the maternity ward to encourage milk production, but I quickly realized it had a most interesting side effect... now freeze, honey, don't move a muscle...."

Agnes gripped Leesa's left breast and with a deft move, sunk the needle directly into the center of the girl's nipple.

"Don't move, don't move, don't move...," Tom told her. She felt the intrusion sinking deep and deeper into her breast, but then the old woman's thumb depressed and a strange feeling of warmth began to spread across her chest.

"Now the other one," Agnes said, and Tom was there, clamping Leesa's mouth shut with one hand while squeezing her left tit with the other. Agnes reloaded the syringe and repeated the expert injection.

Tom watched, seemingly hypnotized, as the hair-thin needle slowly disappeared into Leesa's tit. Agnes pressed the plunger and then both abductors seemed to sigh and lean back.

Leesa began to blink again, and again, feeling the warmth turn into a churning heat. Both her captors watched as it seemed to have an almost immediate effect. Leesa's breasts began to tighten, as if slowly being inflated.

They daren't touch them until the effect of the drug was complete, but Agnes reached downed to cup the blonde's tuft with one hand. Tom held her shoulders while his erection waved in her face, brushing her murmuring, gasping lips.

"There now," he soothed, stroking her throat and combing her hair with his fingers. "That's better, isn't it?" His wife's middle finger hooked, slipping into Leesa's vagina. Her forefinger sunk between the blonde's vaginal lips, pressing the clit.

"How long?" the woman asked softly.

"Best to give it all night," her husband quietly replied.