THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Seventeen

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

He noticed some excess jism on the end of his cock. He casually painted Leesa's wrenched open lips with it, as if it were lipstick.

Agnes began to stimulate the groggy, drugged girl in earnest. The blonde was soon moaning, her lovely body practically throbbing on the settee.

Her unconscious reaction was getting Tom hard again, but he had already gone too far by toying with her mouth. This was not his girl. This was his son's one true love, right?

He looked away ... directly at the body of the sexy little brunette on the floor not five feet away from him. He could see the bottom of her tits hanging out under the shirt, and how sexy the rest of her looked in the blindfold, gags, micromini and heels.

"Got any of that Lactaid left?" he asked huskily, holding his hand out as he moved toward Kerry's prone form. "Hand it to me, will you?"


Blonde, blue-eyed, 5'7", 110 lb. Leesa Mendaski, 34D-23-33, was abducted by the parents of the boy she "broke the heart of" five years before. This secretly sadistic couple -- an ex-girls' gym teacher and a male nurse who now run a bed and breakfast out by the lake -- is "preparing" her for their boy's return from college -- a process that's satisfying the wife but frustrating the husband...that is, until  5'3", 97lb., brown-eyed brunette Kerry Sherman (34-22-33), the daughter of a family renting suite 4A, stumbled into his clutches. Now both girls have suffered syringes of Lactaid, a banned maternity drug that is injected directly into the nipples....


Kerry's arms writhed in the tight, thin ropes which held her crossed wrists to the small of her smooth, curved back. She screamed with agony into the packing that filled her pried-open mouth and sealed her mashed lips.

It was as if jumper cables were clamped onto her tits. She tried desperately to raise her torso off the coarse wooden floor. But no matter how she wrenched her lithe, lovely body, her breasts sloshed back onto the slivers -- each touch of her aching nipples sending electric shocks into her brain.

Kerry groaned, sobbing in disbelief. They had dragged her down the hall and up the attic steps, shoving her into a dirty triangle of rough hewn beams, logs, and planks, barely larger than the average crawlspace, surrounded by cardboard boxes and bags of cloth wedged into the corners.

There the man had laid atop her, his forearm across her throat, pinching her nostrils shut while the woman rummaged through the bags.

Between the expertly shut-off air and the vile liquid he had injected into her chest, the abused girl rapidly lost consciousness.

When she awoke, she was alone with her tits, which were throbbing and swelling out of the torn, silky summer dress they must have forced onto her.

It was soft white with yellow, rose, and purple flower designs, but it barely covered her. Swaths of her creamy flesh appeared from under the hem, which was torn to expose her shapely, smooth legs and perfect hips. Her feet were imprisoned in murderously high, beige, low-top granny boots which affixed to her flesh like rubber. In her mouth was something soft and round but at the same time hard and pliant. It was sealed in with some sort of plaster tape which covered her lower face like glue. And over that was a leather strap which affixed to her as if painted on.

Her ankles and knees jerked in the ropes in reaction to the mind-boggling sensations in her upper torso.

Her soft brown eyes widened in amazement at the distended orbs attached to her chest. They were her breasts, but, at the same time, she didn't recognize them. They had measured 34C when the innkeepers had attacked her. They had to be 34D now, maybe even double-D.

They had been firm and strong before, and they were firm still, but also wetter and squishier, as if they had been filled with mercury. They erupted out of the tight dress' stained bodice like living jello molds, the erect nipples dripping viscous fluid.

And the sensations...! It was as if every pore on her breasts had a sensor, and every touch of cloth, wood, or even air sent shocks stabbing up to her mind. They bulged, wriggling, as if alive, driven by an inner fire which coiled and burned in her chest.

Kerry's head went back, her jaw working, as her body contorted achingly in the bonds. She had seen them inject the same stuff into the taller blonde girl...and her chest had already been bigger than Kerry's. What must she be feeling now?