THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Seven

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

Her ankles had been lashed to an oven leg, her high heels clacking against the metal. Her head reared up and she had moaned piteously only once. Agnes had kicked her lightly in the stomach and she didn't do that again. Instead she lay, her body yearning toward the far door -- her legs completely revealed and her right tit's aureole just peeking out into her bunched cleavage.

"There, there," Agnes told her quietly as she collected the last table's fresh fruit and cream. "They'll be gone soon and then it'll be just you and me...." And to give her a sneak peek she nimbly dripped several big dabs of cream onto the girl, making her cringe and squeal as the thick white liquid plopped onto her cheek and chest.

Agnes kicked her in the stomach again, choking off the muffled cry. "Hush now, child. You wouldn't want anything bad to happen to anybody else, would you?"

Agnes left to serve the last course to the guests as Leesa's body shook in big, wracking sobs.


Leesa watched the couples leave through the curtained windows in the private quarters' living room. Agnes had dragged her by her ankles and tied her to a heavy wooden chair there, with ropes under her breasts, around her waist, and at her wrists. Her legs were on either side of the seat, her ankles tied tightly off the floor to the chair's back legs.

She cried out to them, she hurled her body forward, she shook passionately, she tried to get their attention. It wasn't her fault she didn't know the windows were one-way and that the chair was bolted to the floor. Even if the room hadn't been sound-proofed, the bandage gag would have kept her cries inside the walls. But the couples left for their day of sight-seeing and water fun without a word -- one even looking straight through her.

Agnes, meanwhile, was upstairs, making sure the family was all right before returning to her quarters. But as soon as she entered through the kitchen, locking the door behind her, she stalked over to Leesa, unbuttoning her simple housedress as she approached. Leesa's eyes widened as she saw what was underneath. Agnes was wearing a severe black satin bustier.

Without a pause, the woman sat on the girl's lap, facing her, and began kneading Leesa's breasts through the dress.

"Ooo," she said into the girl's shocked, repulsed eyes. "Aren't these nice? So firm, so full, so strong ... even when I was your age, I didn't have the likes of these...."

Then Agnes started stimulating her own tit with one hand while reaching into Leesa's dress with the other. She massaged them both with the same strength and vigor as Leesa's head fell back in torment.

The woman began to pant. "You like that, Leesa? Huh? Doesn't that feel good?" She suddenly grabbed the neckline of Leesa's dress and yanked the girl's right breast free, immediately slamming her face onto it, suckling.

Leesa wrenched back and forth, trying to scream. Agnes grabbed her hair and yanked the girl's head back without pausing in her vicious sucking. Leesa screamed for her to stop again and again, but it was all just such muffled mush through the bandage and mouth stuffing. But finally the darting tongue and hot lips began to make her groan.

Agnes' body began to thrust as she suckled and her right hand mashed Leesa's left breast in rhythm. Then both her hands were pressing down on Leesa's chest as her drooling mouth was on the girl's horrified face.

"Aren't you the sweet one?" she breathed, slobbering on her cheek. "So rich, so smooth, so luscious...."

The back door opened and Tom came in, carrying a full duffel bag. Agnes was immediately back to normal but her hands didn't leave Leesa's chest as she turned around.

"Ooo!" she exclaimed. "What did you bring us?"

Agnes was suddenly behind Leesa, her hand reaching down over the girl's shoulder, her fingers inside the dress, the blonde's full right breast bulging through the woman's digits. Leesa stared again at the normally dressed man, who, locking her gaze with his own, opened the duffel bag with a smile and poured its contents on the floor.

Leesa saw leather and buckles and rubber and spandex and lace and satin and whale-boning and padding and straps and boots and impossibly high heels....

"I said we were saving you for our boy," the man said ominously. "I didn't say how we were saving you...."


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