THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Nineteen

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

"So how come you're not enough for me, huh, bitch?" he murmured. "How come every time I'm fucking you, I'm thinking of her...?" He jammed into the trapped brunette even harder, feeling how her hot, moist muscles clamped on him despite her misery.

"Shit, I know, I know," he drooled into her flushed face, her eyes screwed shut. She'd be biting her lip if the gag allowed her. "You got big tits, she's got bigger. You're a sexy little brunette, she's a sexbomb blonde. You're daddy's little girl, she's my son's prize...."

He gripped her hair in his left hand and clamped her tit in his right. She surged up, then flopped down like a caught carp as he jammed himself all the way into her again. She babbled in desperation, finally starting to cry as he pressed his left hand tight over her already sealed mouth, his face an inch from hers. All the while his hips never stopped moving.

"Okay, okay, just because she's his, doesn't mean he has to get her right away, right?"  he hissed.  "A father's got to know what his boy's getting into, huh?"  He snickered again.  "Getting into," he repeated, rooting around inside the brunette.  "Come on, bitch. Let's get some use out of you before your folks call in the cavalry...!"

Kerry started weeping in earnest as he thrust harder, moving his left hand to her chest. "Aw, don't worry, don't worry," he chided, thumbing away her tears, hips still going. "Even if they do figure it out, it'll still be too late, right, honey bun? You're mine now, no matter what..."

With that, he grabbed her spectacular hips and started slamming her onto him like a jackhammer. Her breasts swayed, her head went back, her hair flowed, and the sound that came from under the gags was like a falling climber. Her shapely body spasmed, her right leg twisting, until he finally slammed down heavily onto her and erupted inside.

She thought her tits would tear. She thought her vagina would cramp. He grabbed her head, sealed her mouth, and pressed his body down on hers until her convulsions subsided. When he looked down at her then, he couldn't believe it.

Her eyes had rolled up into her head, moisture coming out the sides. More liquid came from her nose. Saliva was covering her chin. Her nipples were leaking down her sides. Her body dew practically glowed.

"Holy fuck," he breathed, staring down at her comatose loveliness. Then he pulled himself up to straddle her waist while reaching back to undo the gag strap. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," he muttered as he peeled off the tape, his cock lying between her mounds. "There's plenty of time to see to blondie.  But first things first...."He pulled a ring gag from his back pocket as he pulled the pliant solid rubber ball from her lax, drooling mouth. Expertly affixing the loop tightly in place, he gathered up her milky mammaries and squeezed them toward each other.

Kerry Sherman moaned in her stupor as she unknowingly gave the tit fuck of her life, her pried-open mouth just inches from his throbbing cock crack.

Her moans almost seemed to mingle with Leesa's, although neither could be heard beyond the innkeepers' walls, and neither girl could hear the other. While Kerry was abused in the attic crawlspace, Leesa had her own troubles back in Agnes Brannigan's bathroom.

89/The luscious blonde was bent back over a standing towelrack, her wrists tied on either side to it's middle, her now huge breasts quivering toward the ceiling.

Her head was back, her lustrous blonde hair hanging toward the carpeted floor, her mouth wrenched wide by a big ballgag which was seemingly made of pool float material. But that was far from the worst of it. She barely wore a baby blue, wetlook, shining spandex microminidress -- the top yanked down to expose her ballooning tits and the skirt pulled up to reveal her luminous white tuft. Even that wasn't the worst.

The worst was that the woman had tightly wrapped the base of her breasts with thick  white elastic, strapped a vibrating butt plug into her anus and squeezed a ten inch vibrator into her cunt.

"Hold it," she warned. "Hold it in. It falls out, and you know what happens...."

Leesa knew. The woman held a stiff-bristled toothbrush in one hand and a loofa in the other. One touch of either to her tender, bulging tits and it was practically electroshock therapy.