THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Fourteen

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

"What are we standing around here for?!" her mother all but screeched. "Get after them, now!"

"We'll help in any way we can," Agnes quickly interjected, but the couple were already hustling the cop away.

"Fine, fine, that's good," Kerry's father said absently.

"Let me know if you see or hear anything!" Jim called to the Brannigans over his shoulder.

"We sure will," Agnes replied, her hand on the side of the door, pushing it closed.

"Maaaaaaaaaaa-ommmmmm!" Kerry cried. "Ma-om, ma-om, ma-om!" Her body quaked with each attempt, her tits wobbling, each muffled cry getting louder in the hall until Leesa could clearly hear it. "Hep! Hep! Heeeeeeeeee-lp!"

It still wasn't very loud. But loud enough for the Brannigans to hear. They looked out the window of the closed door at the Shermans getting into Officer Jim's police car. They waited until it had driven away before collecting some important impliments and slowly marching back upstairs. They each carried a small bag: Agnes a medical bag from Tom's hospital days, and Tom a gym bag from Agnes' school days...

Tom stood over Kerry's sexy, shapely little body in the hallway beside the stairwell, her luxurious hair fanned out below her head. She stared up at him in total terror as Agnes moved over to the door of the room at the top of the stairs.

"I see something," he quietly told her with a smile. "I hear something." She heard it too. The sound of his zipper going down. Kerry started to cry, her body shaking.

"Better gag that little filly a bit better," Agnes commented, looking at the sweet, little brunette with appreciation, head askance.

"Oh, don't worry," her husband said as he kneeled beside the petrified girl. "I'll give the darling something to gag on all right." He opened the gym bag to remove a girl's u-necked, sleeveless, cut-off t-shirt, a matching cotton micro-miniskirt, and then something that looked like a hairless leather and plastic version of his own cock and balls, but with straps coming off it.

Kerry stared in confusion and dread as he held it over her moistened face. "Molded from my own member," he said proudly.

He turned it this way and that in the morning sun. "But you already know it's not as long as in real life...."

With a motion of his head, his wife was behind the brunette, dragging up her head, and the two tore off the gag and dragged the rubber stuffing from the exhausted, weeping girl's mouth.

She just managed to get out some small shrieks before she was gurgling on the pink prod he was forcing into her mouth.

"There, there," Agnes cooed, holding Kerry's head up and back by her hair. "Take it in, dear. Just be glad it's this and not something else...."

"I've been wondering," Tom grunted as he pushed and twisted, forcing the back of her neck onto it, "how to keep you bitches' quiet, when it occurred to me. A penis-prod is not enough. You got all that air in your cheeks to play with. But not if my balls were in your mouth, too...!"

With a turn, he pushed one of the leather-covered balls into one of Kerry's cheeks. Her eyes widened, already sensing that it was some sort of steel-strong rubber which bulged the side of her face. Then he pressed down on her tongue with the penis-prod and poked the other ball into her other cheek, where it popped into place.

Kerry sobbed with disgust, her head going back, but Agnes was already tightening the straps brutally beneath her hair. Appallingly, it rammed into place as if made to measure. The balls were in her cheeks and the penis prod held down her tongue and filled her mouth. The drool started immediately.

Almost as soon as the brunette realized her new predicament, Agnes dropped her head and stood.

Kerry fell back, wailing, her chest jiggling, as Tom fell on her. His wife shook her head as if to say "men will be men," then stepped into the room at the top of the stairs. She looked behind the door, smiling at what she saw.

"Well, hello there Leesa. Miss me?"