THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Forty-Three

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

“Now Miss Sherman,” the sheriff intoned while shifting his impaling rod inside her. “You’ve got to tell us if you’ve been rehabilitated.”
The little Sherman girl had been their imprisoned sex slave for days now, lying manacled and muzzled in a solitary confinement cell, dressed only in confiscated hooker hand-me-downs when they weren’t taking turns with her.
“Yeah, bitch,” said deputy Ted. “You learn your lesson?”
Her deep brown eyes rolled and she tried to make noise but the deputy’s flesh prod made mush of it.
“That’s all right, that’s all right,” Jim growled, caressing her hair while crushing an already thigh-mashed tit with his other hand. “No question you’ve shown progress.” He glanced up at his deputy, who nodded knowingly. “So we gotta make a decision. Get us off and maybe we’ll talk parole….”
Kerry looked up hopelessly, but then closed her eyes and started to miserably undulate...

Back four cars away, Andy was rutting in rhythm, sending Leesa’s head against the door with every thrust.
“Now… maybe… if… you… had… let… me… do… this… five… years… ago… all… of… this… might… not… have… happened…!”
He ejaculated on the final word, made a sound of satisfaction, then wiped his hand on her hair. “Nawwwww,” he decided as he hauled himself off her.
Deputy Ted came in the Sherman girl’s mouth, then quickly replaced the penis-prod plug back in the open ring hold as Jim bounced the brunette on his lap.

“God, she’s pretty,” Ted drawled, leaning back to survey the drooling defilement. “Even now.”
Jim nodded contentedly. “Never gonna be this pretty again,” he concurred. “Young, fresh, firm, natural. Just all downhill from here. Gonna get all crazy and snooty. Entitled. Tattoos, piercings, smoking, drink, drugs. Nah…never be this good again.” Kerry threw her head back and tried to scream through the cum in her mouth, ending in a moan of misery.
“Now, now girl,” the deputy soothed, stroking her anguished face, “we’re trying to do you a favor, okay?” Her head jerked in his hand. At first Ted thought she was trying to rebel, but soon realized by the motion of her head that his superior had just spurted inside the prisoner once more.
“Okay,” he rumbled, pushing Kerry forward by her back. “Get heels on this filly, and secure those ankles, deputy.”
“Yes sir, sheriff sir,” he replied, pulling the five inch black high heel pumps from the floor.
Four cars away, the Brannigan boy was using Leesa’s head like a yo-yo as he jerked her forced-open mouth up and down on his hard-on from the left side of the back seat. “No milfus interruptus this time…!” he sneered as the blonde tried, and failed, to faint.

Kerry shifted uncomfortably between the two law officials as they checked her restraints. There was a chain around her waist, with her wrists cuffed to each side. Her ankles were hobbled by another official police restraint.
“Very pretty,” deputy Ted breathed, staring at the way the waist chain raised the micromini up her sweet haunches. Sheriff Jim only had eyes for her round balloon chest, her nipples barely covered by the dress’s triangles of nylon-spandex.

“Well, little girl,” the sheriff intoned. “Your folks wanna know where you went, and they won’t take no for an answer. So we’re gonna give you back to them, okay?”
Kerry stared at her captor in disbelief.
Four cars away the Brannigan boy came in Leesa Mendaski’s face.


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