THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Forty-Six

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

Kerry Sherman was held by two mamas like some sort of perverted pageant princess.

They had lashed her into a two piece leather outfit – a leather bustier so tightly laced that the center of her cleavage bulged out like erupting dough, and a slit micromini leather skirt that hung on her glistening hips like glue. Her high heels were gone – replaced by skintight, knee-high, five inch patent boots.

But it wasn’t just her outfit that threatened to rip open the front of the local cops’ pants. Glittering wire sunk into her arm flesh just above her elbows, attached to wire just under her breasts, holding her upper arms to her torso. Her hands were out in front of her, the base of her thumbs expertly and savagely cinched together, making her other fingers ripple in pain.

Still, it wasn’t her outfit and bondage that made Jim and Ted feel the urge to immediately attack her. It was the gag. Or, more accurately, gags, plural. One thong was deep between her lips, holding down her tongue. Another was perfectly positioned around her throat to just barely allow her to breathe. And a third held in the big wad of shammy chamois sponge stuffed deep in her mouth to soak up any liquid.

The sounds she almost made -- choked gurgles, pained exhalations, desperate swallows, and the tiniest of whimpers -- filled the cops’ ears. It was all the most simple, subtle, cunning, and effective imprisonment the cops had ever seen, and reduced the poor girl to helpless prey in plain sight.

Kerry stared in pain, shock and terror at her previous captors, almost pleadingly. Their looks said they both knew: this was going to be worse. The cops wanted her to fuck. The bikers didn’t give a fuck.

As if reading the sheriff’s mind, the lead mama snickered. “ “Don’t worry…by the time we get done, no one will ever know she was the Sherman girl…not even her.”

Kerry stiffened in panic as the biker gang prepared to roll out.

A chopper rumbled up, it’s rear seat outfitted with the nastiest, knobbiest, dildo they had ever seen.

The brunette started to thrash in their grip, but they ignored her useless struggles – simply dragging her over and lifting her up.

“Okay baby,” said her mama. “Your choice: slow and easy or fast and hard.”

Kerry froze, her eyes huge, as her mama smirked, nodded, then slathered the invader with jelly. The sheriff and deputy watched as they expertly placed the dildo tip against her labia, then pushed her down hard and tight. Kerry cringed and moaned in torment, then stared up at the merciless sky as the latest invader had its way with her. The mamas wired her thighs and ankles to the side of the bike.

The local cops slowly approached their ex-sex slave, who watched them with despairing, pleading, glistening eyes.


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